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  1. I was able to mix and match the beers in my bucket nightly (or daily).
  2. Two $100 cards. Supposed to come USPS. Shipping from Ohio to an address in Ohio. Multiple cases of this being told on the thread about AARP cards.
  3. But with AARP you might not actually receive the cards. Lot's of issues lately. Been waiting on mine for three weeks.
  4. My was USPS as it was only two $100 cards. Shipping from Ohio to an address in Ohio.
  5. Just spoke with an AARP representative because it is the 10th business day and still no cards have shown up. She wanted me to hold off until I received today's mail but I told her I want replacements sent Priority, or the order to be cancelled all together. If they issue new cards and they take more than a couple of weeks then I will already be on our cruise. I let her know of all the issues being reported about delivery of gift cards on the boards here. She couldn't do either. They need to start an investigation into the first set of cards before they can issue replacements, and can't cancel the order because they are showing first ones were sent out. I ended up having her deactivate the original cards that were supposedly sent, and in 6-8 days I should receive a refund on the card I purchased them with. Definitely too much of a hassle to deal with any longer.
  6. I too am having issues getting my gift cards delivered. Ordered two $100 cards on 6/5 and they were shipped 6/6. Have not received them and when I called customer service they will not do anything until the 10 business day mark, which is this coming Thursday. What's frustrating is that the cards are shipped out of Ohio, and that is where I am located. No way that the USPS takes two weeks to deliver a letter in the same state. We had ordered $2,500 worth a couple of months ago and they came via UPS without any issues. I am pretty sure there is some kind of recent delivery issues going on with AARP Rewards for Good headquarters. Very frustrating and not worth the 10% savings (at least to me).
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