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  1. From the Wall Street Journal with the past hour this morning, they had this headline: “Cruises and Covid-19: When U.S. Sailings Could Restart and What Safety Precautions Are Expected” with this sub-head: "Carnival, other operators are looking to resume trips next year, but health officials say cruises are high risk and require changes first." Here some of their story highlights: “The operators are promising to resume sailing in the U.S. in 2021, but health officials want them to clear certain requirements first. Here is what you need to know: When will cruise ships sail again in
  2. YES!! Watched and enjoyed both of Sunday's two NFL Championship games. Brady's history and record are great. BUT, not sure the TB Bucs' defense will be good enough to control KC's great, young QB. It will be an excellent match-up for Super Bowl LV. Chiefs, however, are favored. Does Jacksonville like its new NFL coach and future, improving prospects? THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio
  3. Great above summary, comments and follow-up from smart and savvy J.P. Seems like you nailed it!!. From the Travel Weekly trade publicaton this morning, they had this headline: “Azamara confirms purchase of Princess Cruises ship” with these highlights: “Azamara’s new owner has confirmed the line has bought Pacific Princess from Princess Cruises, taking its fleet to four vessels. Princess announced on Friday that the ship, identical to Azamara Journey, Quest and Pursuit, had been sold. Following a full renovation, the ship – which will be renamed – is scheduled to sail its inaugu
  4. Getting near the end of January??!! Maybe we can survive the winter blahs without being able to travel and cruise? Spring is getting closer, we can hope. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio
  5. Tell us more!!?? What are the various pro/con factors as to why (or not) such an offering of more "benefits" would be good or bad. And, to whom? Know that some do not want or like any "change". Just wanted to learn and know more background. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Sydney to NZ/Auckland Adventure, live/blog 2014 sampling/details with many exciting visuals and key highlights. On page 23, post #571, see a complete index for all of the pictures, postings. Now at 232,162 views. www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1974139
  6. Appreciate these various above comments and follow-ups. Very good added insights and details from Host Jazzbeau. Below are the latest views/evaluations from the Wall Street financial expertsas to the future values for these three major cruise companies. Something is happening negative this morning. Not sure what and why!! Any good guesses and/or speculation?? THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Norway Coast/Fjords/Arctic Circle cruise from Copenhagen, July 2010, to the top of Europe. Scenic visuals with key tips. Live/blog at 241,212 views. w
  7. Kind comment and follow-up above from the wise and experienced brimary. Excellent insight about the cruise industry being "SO COMPLEX"!! That does make a key point as to the challenges in the re-opening for world-wide sailing. If cruising was a "simpler" business model, things could be done more quickly when we are at that stage in beating down the Covid virus, having widespread vaccine use, etc. From CNBC cable news two days ago, they had this headline: “Johnson & Johnson plans to have 100 million vaccines for Americans by spring, board member says” with this key summary
  8. Appreciate this great comment and follow-up by Doc Ruth about my "crystal ball", etc. Personally, I like to read and share from a number of different, credible news and media sources. Many unknowns exist now, but, clearly, my best guess (based on what Dr. Fauci said earlier this week and is detailed in the below article) is that it going to take much longer than many hope for any type of return to some form of "NORMAL". From the Wall Street Journal's respected sister publication of Barron's this morning, they had this headline: “U.S. Cruises Not Likely to Resume Until Fourth Q
  9. Appreciate this interesting story and link. I was able to view the video, but it was a little tangled to connected. From the new head of Azamara, my two key "take-aways" were that they both want to add more ship . . . AND . . . provide more in the land-based tours, etc. Will that work and attract a wider customer base? Given that this owner is more about running and trying to re-build challenged retail stores, I would be doubtful in this current environment that this plan has been careful constructed for future success. Am I being too cynical and not trusting enough?? THANKS!
  10. Had a great deal of sunshine today in Central Ohio. That helps brighten the day and speeds us (a little) through this long winter period. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio
  11. As noted on another thread on this Silversea board, much is happening regarding Covid and it seems that the re-opening dates keep getting moved back . . . and back . . . AND BACK!! This afternoon, top US medical expert Dr. Fauci used the term several times about expecting things to start getting back to "normal" by the fall. That was based on about 85% of the population here getting their vaccine shots, continuing to use masks, be careful, etc. As I have posted earlier, my crystal ball says that the CDC is not going to be easy, quick, etc., in allowing cruise lines to ramp up t
  12. YES!! Interesting series of comments and memories regarding the R-Class ships. With Oceania, we have sailed on two different, somewhat long R-Class ship sailings. Nautica, late 2018, 20-days, Athens to Dubai. Re-done Regatta, early 2020, 18-days, New Zealand to Bora Bora and Tahiti. Agree that there are many solid, classy aspects connected with these ships. BUT, the basic room/balcony is fairly small, Especially in the bathroom!! My joke is that in these small showers is that it might be easier to just put the liquid soap on the wall and, then, merely rotate around your body
  13. Appreciate these very kind, earlier comments and follow-ups from Mr. Banjo, Silver Spectre and CruiserFromMaine Nice!! Very good, quick eye by Randy about the re-shifting in corporate strategy by Royal Caribbean. Agree with Randy that this makes sense (and cents). This effort also says much about the challenged future ahead for cruising!! From the Wall Street Journal this morning, they had this headline: “Royal Caribbean to Sell Azamara Luxury Cruise Line for $201 Million" with this sub-head: "Cruise operator says it seeks to focus on core brands as it works to resu
  14. Appreciate Lois' follow-up (and gentle rubbing it in). As noted, it is much worse in Siberia and for other locations!! THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio From AccuWeather. here is our Central Ohio weather for the next two weeks. Cold be better. Could be worse??!! Below is what is happening in Siberia. Much, much worse there!!!!.: (Open your screen/viewer wider to see these visuals larger/better!)
  15. More cloudy, gray and boring weather here in the Midwest. Can Florida send us some sunshine?? THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio
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