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  1. We did mid-May this year, seven day. I brought easy to roll up light weight fleece lined leggings with short sleeved tee shirts and a couple of fleece lined zip-up hoodies plus a light weight trench coat, scarf, knit hat and water proof gloves. I had water proof slip on shoes and regular canvas deck shoes. Hubby brought short sleeve button down shirts, dockers style pants, water proof slip on shoes and a medium weight water proof coat. Since we were not planning on being in snow, we did not bring snow gear. Juneau was about 50 some degrees and sunny when we went into port. About an hour later, I was removing my hoodie and putting it in my back pack as it soon got to be in the mid-sixties. Skagway was sunny and even warmer, so less than an hour of walking around the town, the hoodie was in the back pack. Ketchikan was cold, raining and started out in the high thirties and only got to the mid-forties. I had my hoodie on over my tee shirt, my hood up over my head and my water proof trench coat on for that walk about. We chose to just walk the ports rather than do excursions as it was my first time ever in Alaska. Stopping at Glacier Bay and going out on the Promenade deck to view it, I was pretty much bundled up like I was for Ketchikan. The weather that day was a bit of rain and a lot of fog. Yes, layers are key! The weather can be very unpredictable.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving, all! 🍗 🥧 🥂
  3. Nice small bottles "to go" for when you have "to go".
  4. This was a fabulous posting and I, too, thank you for posting it. Amazing the precision and flawlessness of the crew in action behind the scenes. The inner workings that I never considered but without whom the cruise would not be so enjoyable. Kudos to the crew!
  5. I found our room on Princess to be very superior to most hotels we have stayed at. I tend to worry about what is in the bedding and on the bathroom fixtures due to the fact that we have checked over hotel rooms in the past where there has been suspect hairs in the sink and on the toilet seat, soap scum near the drain in the bath tub, apparently dried blood on the sheets and pillow cases, and more. Probably what we get for staying in major metropolitan area hotels near downtown or airport areas. I do not blame anyone for being concerned about what they may come across when entering the room where you are going to stay anywhere. I do not really consider myself a germaphobe per se, but I am a frequent hand washer and do protect my feet as athlete foot is miserable having caught it 20 years ago from a hotel room bathroom floor.
  6. I needed mine in my reusable drink cup as well. They filled it to the size I ordered (I always got the large ones and my cup holds 20 ounces) in a paper cup first, then had me remove the top and straw while they poured into my cup. I did not have the coffee package but was just purchasing them as I needed.
  7. Thank you. I had heard at least one ship had a cigar lounge, The Oak Room, I believe, and was hoping they would have something like that. Okay! Going to stay with Princess. Have a good one!
  8. For me it is about the convenience of not having to budget for the gratuities separately. I realize you pay more for the fare up front but the gratuities paid is just easier on me personally.
  9. Looking at a possible cruise on Eurodam return trip Seattle inside passage Alaska for May 2020. Have sailed on Princess but new to HAL. Never smoked in the casino on Princess (never spent much time in the casino). Where are all of the smoking areas on Eurodam and are they inside or outside, and if outside, are they sheltered from the elements? Thank you.
  10. I will still continue to wipe down the toilet seat though I do not stress out over other things. Also, more concerned with bodily waste and blood being on the linens (as in they did not properly wash them and that stuff is still there). That is both unsanitary and gross. It only takes a few minutes and once our minds are at rest, we can enjoy the rest of our time in the room.
  11. Whether hotel or ship room bed, we take each individual layer down to the mattress, as well as pillow cases, to check for bodily fluid stains with one of these: https://www.sirchie.com/forensics/alternate-light-sources/shortwave-uv-lights/shortwave-uv-mini-light-source.html Towels are put down outside of the bath tub and shower before using. Footwear is placed near that towel so that we can avoid walking barefoot on the bathroom floors. Toilet seats are wiped down before first use. If we find anything on pillows or bedding, we remove that and let management know. We have stayed at too many hotels where crimes were committed like Portland, Oregon, area and Tacoma/Seattle area.
  12. Funny that. We had a couple of days before boarding of visiting family and staying in a hotel. One night we got a couple of extra sporks in with my KFC mashed potatoes and gravy, and the next night a bunch of sporks with my Taco Bell pintos and cheese. I tossed those extras in one of my carry-ons to take back home when it was time. No one batted an eye lash at either the sporks or my plastic straws I brought with me. Is this going to be a thing now? Will those things end up in the naughty room or tossed out?
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