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  1. YES I know about the Cathy Pacific non-stop from YVR to JFK as I've taken that a few times already. I think Cathy just announced that they are removing that flight for the foreseeable future as it's not profitable. --My wife doesn't like the idea of red-eye flights with the kids either. Pricing wise unless there's a sale, I don't think I'll be saving much money on that route.
  2. Thank you everyone for your responses as it's greatly appreciated! --YES I totally agree that non-stop flights will work in my favor for sure and probably will end up taking Air Canada from YVR to EWG. --Make the trek to Time Square once we arrive and when we are ready to cruise will need to make the trek back into NJ. I just figured that if YVR to LGA would make sense but many of you said that the traffic isn't all that better anyways. Plus if I did it this way I currently do not see any non-stop flights from YVR to LGA which is a bummer. Overall it would probably cost me much more time with transfers and still need to get into Time Sqaure from LGA. --I don't see this saving much time or money at all.
  3. Hello everyone I'm going to be cruising out of New Jersey with RCL on Anthem of the Seas in late March. We are travelling as a family of 4 with 2 young kids aged 4 and 7. We plan to stay in Manhattan by Time Square for about 3-4 days before heading over to NJ to catch the cruise. We are flying in from Vancouver BC (YVR) and was wondering if it would be best that we simply fly straight into EWR? Or. . . . do YVR to LGA and EWR to YVR for the flight back? Obviously there's pros and cons to each way but travelling with 2 young kids can potentially pose even more challenges. Was wondering what everyone's thoughts are. . . YVR to EWR has non-stop flights via Air Canada (ideal flights with kids as no stops required) same with EWR to YVR. Only downside is when arriving at EWR we need to make our way somehow to Time Square where our hotel will likely be for the first few days then we have to head back to NJ cruise port. YVR to LGA would be closer to Time Square. After a few days in NYC we head over to NJ cruise port. After the cruise we fly from EWR to YVR non-stop via Air Canada back home. Right now I don't think there are any flights from YVR to LGA that are non-stop. Any advice and recommendations would be great! --Thank you in in advance 🙂
  4. I'm assuming that it's 30% off Deluxe Drink Packages for all sailings and NOT actually 30% off the price of my existing sailing??? Talk about confusion and horrible Social Media replies. --They should really limit who has access to social media accounts and confirm prior to sending out replies.
  5. Welp. . . we all know the saying, when it's too good to be true then it probably ain't true. --With that said, I'm sitting around and just hoping that next email being sent is NOT from RCL stating they are cancelling my $18 drink package! There's always hope until the hammer is dropped and confirmation is provided. I'm not on the cruise yet but I'm having fun already!!! lol
  6. I've noticed that RCL generally only shows the NRFD (non-refundable deposit) price on their website these days. I came across this article from another website that explains how we can find the RFD (refundable deposit) price. I'm somewhat intrigue and was wondering why RCL would even bother with two separate prices? Correct me if I'm wrong but if I'm booking a cruise way far out like say over a year, wouldn't it be best I simply book using the RFD (refundable pricing)? Pay the extra premium to lock in you cruise pricing assuming you've found a wicked deal and lock in your cruise stateroom. As the days come closer to the cruise date, can't we simply call up RCL and request to have the RFD premium removed and simply pay the NRFD price? I assume that by that time closer to the cruise date, most people would know if they can travel or not. I figure using this method will protect me from rare cases where I'm unable to go for whatever reason and still get 100% of my deposit back. Should I confirm and decide I'm proceeding with the cruise then I switch the booking to the NFRD to save some money. ---Unless I'm smoking something here and somehow we are not allowed to do that???? I do know that if I book the NRFD pricing I technically can cancel my sailing but that I'm subject to $100 per guest fee and the remaining deposit amount can be used to book a future cruise within 1yr. Can someone please help clarify this?
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