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  1. Love that most of these still work! Does anyone have any others?
  2. Thanks! I'm going to have to find that thread.
  3. I'm guessing you have to have Allstate insurance to get their points and buy the gift cards?
  4. I have 55k points now that I spent 20k points yesterday on 4 $500 gift cards. I hadn't planned to buy them all at once or this early as I just bought $600 worth of gift cards right before the announcement. I'm hoping that the new program will still offer them.
  5. Definitely have to do 2 at a time in order for the website to work. I just bought 4 a minute ago that way.
  6. Unusual name but I'll take it. maybe I can talk into adding blueberries
  7. I can't believe there's no pancakes and/or waffles on the menu.
  8. Has anyone used this company, it says no bags are included with my tickets. I'm wondering if I can pay to have checked bags at the airport and if that also means no carry-ons.
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