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  1. Wow. $1,000 a week per person? That’s a great deal. I’m ok with that. Coming all the way from Chicago, IL, USA, my travel will be significantly higher. So it will probably be more. Who is your preferred cruise line? Definitely emailing you when you get back from Japan
  2. In Chicago. So it can be 100F degrees and humid or -5F degrees, windy, and bitter bitter cold. And all in between. Sound like June is the best time to go. I searched for last minute flights and it looks like it would cost about $1600 a person in flights and about 17 hours. Planned ahead of time will be about $1200. We are fairly flexible for a last minute cruise deal. Worried about airfare and scrambling to get our days planned while on land tho. Hoping to sail June 2020, but maybe not til June 2021 depending on expenses, how much things will cost, and taking a lot of time away from home. Interested in Princess Cruises for Japan, but might opt for something more affordable. It will hard for me to opt for an inside cabin since I always cruise ocean view or balcony. But it looks like I might have to sail inside this time unless I change my itinerary to southeast islands such as Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia area since I know Japan can be expensive.
  3. Wow, that’s great! Thank you so much! As soon as I get a better idea and actually book something, I’ll email you. I have to convince my husband to spend 14 days away from work and the family while spending 7k. One question tho, how do you feel about last minute Japan cruises? After doing some investigating, I see last minute sailings for Japan more than 50% cheaper. We would have to be extremely flexible. I’m just worried it will interfere with tour guide bookings and airfare. Do cruise lines really save you money on airfare? I always just book flights on my own.
  4. I’m trying to spend 14 days here in 2020. Maybe a 8-9 cruise and 4-5 days in a hotel and using the train. I have been researching my butt off and I want to be in the know before I book a cruise in 2020 or possibly 2021. Do you think this is long enough? Is splitting up my time (half cruise, half hotel) the best way to go financially and culturally? Or should o just book a 14 day cruise. Thanks so much! That was great information.
  5. I don’t have an answer for you, but have you contacted your hotel and ask if they have shuttle service to the port? I’m following as I am also interested in princess cruises to Japan and would also like to stay in Tokyo for a couple days.
  6. Hello fellow cruisers. I am looking for advice for a first time Japan cruise. Any experienced Japan cruisers? I’m interested in cruising to Japan for 7-10 days the beginning of June 2020 before it gets hot. I’m based in Chicago area. I’ve sailed the Caribbean several times and want something different, exotic, and cultured! Any tips, tricks, or advice for navigating, sightseeing, procedures, policies, excursions, etc would be great! Any tips to SAVE MONEY a plus! What should I know, where should I go, and what should I do? I love history, culture, nature, and authentic Asian food.
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