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  1. Boarded the Brilliance today. Other than asking us the travel questions no one took our temperature or took any other protective measures.
  2. Definitely worth it. We did it for a 21 day and it was wonderful for wine drinkers. We had bottles with lunch and dinner. We even each took an unopened bottle back after dinner or the wine steward would call our butler and he would come get it if we weren’t going back to the cabin right away. It’s nice for the following day if you don’t want to leave your cabin in the afternoon. Premium liquor and drinks, specialty coffee and bottled water is a plus too. We primarily stuck with Louis Jadot wines which were $75 a bottle. The upgrade was only $29 more a day PP with the free beverage perk. Planning to do it again on 17 day in November.
  3. NCL cancelled our Asia cruise that was scheduled for April and we got 100% of trip refunded from NCL and 100% of the trip insurance that was booked separately through Allianz. Our TA thought we may have to put the travel insurance toward another trip, but we didn’t.
  4. I agree it’s not right that NCL has not cancelled. I was just speaking to your insurance comment.
  5. A regular policy covered business issues for us once. We are self employed. The cancel for any reason through Allianz covers 80% only, but IMO that’s better than loosing 100%. And the CFAR that we added to our next cruise can be added before you make final payment. It was only an extra $200 for two of us. It’s not that expensive when we’re talking loosing 100%.
  6. It seems to me they should be able to verify you have NOT been in China by the lack of current stamps on your passport. I know that doesn't address the issue, but I would think there are many in your situation.
  7. I would assume some of the crew got off the ship in Hong Kong. What about them?
  8. Same way I've been spending the last few hours since the cancellation confirmation for Spirit April 15th Singapore to Tokyo! We are looking at TA from NYC in April, but at the same time I keep asking myself if I am crazy to even think about a cruise right now! We have a 4-day at the end of this month from Tampa so maybe we will wait until after that. I think the deals will just get better and better in the next few weeks.
  9. Look at the board for the April sailing. It was all over yesterday, that's how we found out. A person in Greece posted the updated ships in port in Athens and Spirit was added.
  10. That should be interesting but would guess you will end up back in Greece around the 15th. I wonder when they will let passengers know?
  11. Check your current flight versus what you originally booked before you cancel. American had changed the time on our return from Tokyo and we were leaving several hours later in the day. I never did anything about it, so when the cruise was cancelled, I was able to get 100% refund for the air because we had a schedule change. I just told them it wasn't going to work with the "new" time.
  12. Yes, it's become a 24/7 "job" trying to keep track of something out of our control, hasn't it? I really hope they just offer a refund and be done with it. We just were at three stops in Greece in November and have no desire whatsoever to return. I wonder if regular travel insurance will cover that type of change or itenarary?
  13. Are you on the sailing? We are and we were on the Jade in November Rome to Dubai with you I believe.
  14. I just wanted to get this out there because I know several are on four legs and we are scheduled to join them in Singapore April 15th to Tokyo, so we have been watching as well. And then with the change of ports a couple days ago and delays ....... Hopefully travel insurance will kick in for everyone now!
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