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  1. Was Symphony the only ship in port at Coco Cay when you went? I'm looking at an itinerary next summer and Independence is in port the same day and I'm thinking that will be waaaay too crowded with both of them there. Thanks!
  2. We went to Anan with https://www.familyairtours.com/ but I think September is too late in the season for that and your mom probably couldn't do that walk. You could contact them and see what other options there might be though.
  3. Can't comment on Traitors or Neets, but we did Anan on 7/18 and it was awesome! I bet they could fit it in to your time in port. We were originally supposed to be picked up from our ship at 11:45 with a return around 4:30 but our port time changed to earlier and the pilot was able to accommodate us. We did Family Air which was fine, but having heard so much about Island Wings I would have gone with that if she had been available.
  4. Watching this cam last year is what made me book my trip to Anan last week when we were in Ketchikan. We didn't see any brown bears when we were there, unfortunately, but watching the black bears fish was a bucket list item for me. It was awesome!
  5. Yeah, this confused me a bit. We had an excursion get cancelled and we opted to take a cheaper excursion (only thing available) through same provider. I thought they would refund the difference. Instead they refunded the larger one as OBC and then charged the cheaper one. The good thing for us was that we had a large amount of OBC that was supposed to be nonrefundable. This essentially converted all of our non-refundable OBC to refundable so now I'm supposed to be getting a check for about $1500! (approx. $960 of which was the excursion refund and the remainder which was originally nonrefundable)
  6. For those excursions, I don't think you need rainpants. If you're planning on a long hike, then it might be a good idea, but it doesn't sound like you are so you should be fine.
  7. You're at the end of the season and I don't know if any permits are still available, but we went to Anan from Ketchikan last week to see bears and it was amazing. Also highly recommend a helicopter glacier tour (we did it in Skagway but they also do it in Juneau). Rent a car in Skagway and drive to Emerald Lake and back (about 6-7 hours roundtrip). https://www.wrangell.com/visitorservices/anan-bear-and-wildlife-observatory
  8. I'm a fraud investigator and this troubled me also. Since this was my first Princess cruise, I didn't realize they used to do it with hard copy signage. It's really not a smart thing to do. People can glean a lot of info from a name. I can picture someone calling up and pretending to be from Guest Services and saying "Hello Mr or Mrs. Doe, your credit card info is not working. Can you give me a new number?" And yeah, the creepy possibilities for kids are just not good.
  9. We just did this and were very pleased. https://alaskacruisetransfer.com/tours/anchorage-whittier-wildlife/ They also have an option without the conservation center stop for $45.
  10. Just off the Royal last week. This is our first Princess cruise so I can't compare to other ships, but I thought the variety at breakfast was pretty good. I don't eat eggs benedict, so can't comment on quality, but it was there. I always get plain scrambled eggs and I found the quality to be very good and consistent. They also had a different variety of "stuff" in the eggs every day or you could get a made to order omelette. The bacon quality varied. Often undercooked, imo. My kids were unhappy with the cereal selection - they want their sugared cereal and the only one available was Frosted Flakes and they ran out some days.
  11. The Springhill Suites Midtown were adequate for us for one night. Free hot breakfast buffet and walking distance to Walmart. We were able to use Marriott points and get our night free.
  12. We are going on a 14 passenger boat through Princess. It's operated by Gastineau Tours and they work with all the cruise lines I believe. It's not technically a private tour but they could fill up the boat. https://www.stepintoalaska.com/excursions/whale-watching-mendenhall-glacier-photo-safari/ I know we're not supposed to recommend tours we haven't been on, but I just offer this up due to the size of the boat. I can let you know in mid-July how it was, LOL.
  13. Ah ha! That explains why I was able to use a different (small) credit on excursions I already bought. Thanks so much!
  14. I received some OBC from Princess when my price dropped after final payment. It's showing up on my personalizer as "OBC in lieu of refund." I would like to use some of it before I'm onboard to purchase internet, sodas, etc in advance. However, I am only offered two payment options: credit card and Paypal. Do I need to call Princess to see if I can use this in advance or is it not worth the phone call? I have some additional OBC that is not showing up in the personalizer yet, and I was told I wouldn't be able to use that until I was onboard so I understand that. Just now sure why one kind would show up on the personalizer but not be available for payment. Thanks!
  15. We are on the 7/13 Royal sailing. This is great news! I had heard that rumored but appreciate the confirmation. 🙂
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