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  1. Any news regarding the damaged lock? I originally read that it should be repaired and operational by the end of June at the latest but we just were notified by Emerald Waterways that our trip Amsterdam to Budapest, 7/12-26. that was originally on The Sky is now on the Dawn. People on the Dawn are now switched to the Sky. I wonder if this has something to do with the lock accident since water levels are reported as satisfactory. Thank you in advance for any insight.
  2. Glad you didn't have a problem with an outlet multiplier. We were advised NOT to use one since they are only rated to 110amps and most have surge protectors. We have enough adapters for the cell phones, camera, Ipad and husband's rechargeable hearing aids. The 2 outlets at the bedside and the 3 on the counter will help.
  3. Thank you for all the info. We are on the Emerald Sky from Amsterdam to Budapest, July 12-26. Concerned, of course, about the river levels but we have no control over the weather. More of a concern now is the drone threats over LHR which may interfere with our flights since we are flying ATL-LHR-AMS. If it's not one thing, it's another!
  4. Thanks. Hopefully there will be outlets on the Sky.
  5. Emerald Sky, 7/12-26, Amsterdam to Budapest. First river cruise. Hope that the water levels cooperate.
  6. Thank you for the excellent blog! So much valuable info.
  7. Backpacks?? I thought those wete only for repeat guests.
  8. I wish Emerald would send the book and map with the travel documents. What do they send anyway besides luggage tags ???
  9. Yes, Emerald has separate groups for slow, medium and faster speed walkers. Emerald also has an additional included program called Emerald Active with a dedicated crew member assigned for bike tours, more extensive hikes amd fitness activities such as power walking, pool aerobics, yoga, etc. This was added starting this season (the Emerald Active Director).
  10. mjmiller: THANK YOU for your wonderful information.
  11. Great blog. I noticed that in your photo of your group of eight, 3 if the men wore shorts. Is it permissable for men to wear nice Bermuda shorts fir dinner in Emerakd ships? My husband sure hopes so.
  12. Could you answer the question that l posted (see above) concerning the # and types out electrical outlets? We'll be on the Sky. THANK you!
  13. Does anyone who has been on the Emerald Sky recall how many available electric outlets are available and their locations to plug in cell phones, camera and other chargers. All of the chargers are rated 110-240 so I believe that I only need to bring the adapters but not a transformer. Thanks.
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