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  1. You can do that?? I just assumed they tracked it. We did get double the coupons once but never used them.
  2. Booking from Canada we only see the converted amount as well. The way the dollar has been fluctuating it’s hard to tell some days what it should be.
  3. We are supposed to be on the TA to get her there.
  4. Me too! But I waited until $32 🤪 Is there a minimum number to buy? I’m think 25 here and there while the price is low and then sell to keep my 100 shares.
  5. You’re welcome! I started doing that because it wasn’t always easy finding a bar open that early 😸 Plus then you don’t have to change out of your jammies 🤪
  6. No worries! Still useful info as I like to grab some Baileys for my morning coffee ☕️before turning in
  7. This might sound kind of strange - how does one get a PCC? Do you just keep the contact info of the customer service agent who was most helpful? I’ve booked directly a few times and have not come across such a person yet ...
  8. We’re on the Getaway in April - does anyone know what time the Haven Lounge opens?
  9. We’re on that cruise too! Get to pay for it tomorrow 🤑 Merry Christmas to me!
  10. We had a 10:00 am flight last year after getting off the Bliss on a Saturday. I must admit that I was a little concerned about the short window but we lined up to self disembark about 6:15 (disembarkation started at 7) and we were to LAX right at 8:00. It couldn’t have gone smoother! Does it always work like that? I don’t know but our alternative was to get a later flight out and land after midnight to our final destination. We decided to take the chance.
  11. Not to beat a dead horse, but what currency do you tip in? We’re doing a TA in the spring. Would they rather have their tip in euros or US $. I’m Canadian but I’m pretty sure they’d rather not have our $$ 🤪
  12. We’re in 11516 on the Gem over Christmas. The link posted before showed it was under the fitness centre. I’m hoping it’s under the change room portion - anyone know?
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