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  1. We have always been told "if you are not sure, tick yes" that way you might get stopped and asked some questions about what you are unsure about and then carry on. If you tick 'no' and they check and find something that is not allowed or prohibited, that's when the trouble starts!! Border Force are there to do a job and protect us and the country, they do a very good job.
  2. When we had problems on Seabourn they gave us a plug-in repeater to plug in our suite, it did improve a bit!! Maybe ask if they have one you could try.
  3. 80 days for us until Explorer!! 😎
  4. Hi what is the cost of the culinary classes please
  5. We had 2 cruises in July/August, first on Odyssey then Encore 4 days later. We got the excursion booklet for Odyssey but not Encore, apparently the new system came into effect after Odyssey pack was sent and before Encore was sent.
  6. Is this something new from Seabourn, we did Med cruise July/Aug and our docs came in something else
  7. Hi Is this upgrade you have been offered chargeable or complimentary? How soon before your cruise has it been offered?
  8. Hi Thanks everyone for your replies I think she can sleep easy now!! Boarding 28/1 through to 21/2
  9. none of that, just we have never done a Regent cruise and she does not want to be disappointed. We have been on Seabourn and Silversea and loved those especially Seabourn. Its just an unknown and to have booked a second cruise before experiencing the first one makes her wonder if she has done the right thing.
  10. We have just booked our second Regent cruise on Splendor in 2021 but my wife is nervous as we have not even done our first cruise!! We are on Explorer in Jan/Feb and looking forward to it but she is a bit apprehensive. Help me pacify her please!!
  11. We were on Encore July/August and the 2 suites next to us had the divider opened so they could sit and drink together
  12. Thank you for your reply, we have decided to have a week in between the 2 cruises
  13. Hi Thank you for your comments. Keith thank you for checking possible flight times, we have now decided to do things a different way and have a week between the 2 cruises David
  14. We are looking at a Silversea cruise in Jan/Feb 2021 and also a Regent cruise. Silversea arrives in San Juan at 7am we will then need to disembark, collect luggage and get to airport to fly to Miami and be there in time for Regent departure at 5pm On the same day. Is this possible to do? We have to book cruises now but flights will not be available to book until next February? Thanks
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