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  1. Definitely the views and relaxation. Spending quality time with my daughter, she is 15 now so doesn’t have much time for mom lol Sitting on my balcony with a daiquiri and a book. Being a single mom and government employee, budget is the biggest concern. Cruising gives us the opportunity to plan and pay for over time. And once it’s paid for it’s paid for we don’t have many other expenses except some extra tips, gas and parking fees. We have several ports within driving distance so easy access. Not having to be at work. 47 more days!
  2. So I tried and kept getting an error message saying I didn’t select a guest or day for delivery... it wouldn’t let me pick a delivery date. Hmm
  3. Has anyone sent or received a gift for someone else while they cruised? I was thinking of sending my friend some treats, can I do that without her booking number? I have her Vifp and sale date info. also does anyone know if it will come with a card or billing information?
  4. My bestie and I will be in Cozumel approximately 5 weeks apart. I want to leave some sort of trinket or maybe even a note somewhere for her to find it when she gets there.. is there a place on the pier that would be good to do this? We just thought it might be fun. any ideas?
  5. If you buy the WiFi package do you still need to pay for the hub?
  6. Thanks for this review, I really can’t wait till we board her in 50 days!
  7. After looking around I think the difference between port and Fulton was less than $20 so I think we will do the port this time. However I did like how you can prepay at Fulton and get it out of the way.
  8. First cruise, first day, first time exiting our stateroom our cabin steward addressed us by name. I thought that was cool as bleep!
  9. No Bitter and Blanc? Noooo that’s was my favorite
  10. You don’t get towel animals unless you have night service? This makes me a little sad. I really don’t need two cleanings a day I do like having my fresh wash cloths (we use our towels at least twice) trash emptied and beds made, but also love turn down service and my daughter loves taking pictures of our animals. I wonder if I tell our steward that they only need to leave a towel animal they will comply. It seems like if I make a request to only have a little something down they always just do everything.
  11. Mine is pink, I was thinking I was on 7 but remembered it was deck 8. I too am on valor, December. Can’t wait!
  12. Do gift cards ever expire? Being a single mom and government employees its really hard paying for cruise up front. I told my daughter she can pick whatever cruise she wants for graduation (she just started high school this month) so I have plenty of time but I would like to start picking up gift cards here and there when I get my incentive checks so when she tells me where she wants to go I’ll have a good head start.
  13. Do you still get a free drink if you are the first ones there embarkation day?
  14. Me too! Well, third cruise but I’m happy to be in the double digits.
  15. I am glad to see this post. My daughter will be 15 on our next sailing and I’m trying to get her to check this out. She’s very shy and probably won’t take the initiative to engage with other teens,however, if they engage her she will loosen up. My fear is there may not be very many teens on a December 7th cruise.
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