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  1. I am looking forward to trying cheers on my next cruise. I’m not a big drinker but I do enjoy a daiquiri while sitting on my balcony. And I might be more inclined to try some different drinks if I don’t have to pay each time. Every time I hear someone talk a out the alchemy bar I get a little excited lol.... lol
  2. I screwed up too, we had a balcony on the veranda. But it was very forward and I started getting nervous with all the reading I was doing about getting more sea sick etc. I called my pvp and he changed it without problem and put us mid ship. The happiness wore off when I realized we are on top of the dream bar which I’m thinking is the casino bar? Ugh
  3. Buy carnival gift cards, I’m buying 100$ at a time and that will pay for our cheers, bubble package and give my daughter spending money. It’s about all I can afford at a time so when I have enough I’ll pay for it with the cards
  4. My pvp never seems to be in the office when I call and he tells me he will call me back the following day never does. So after a few days I’ll will try back or just say forget it. I have only spoken to him once when I booked my cruise. I just have questions I would like to ask and get answers to. So what’s the process of changing pvp.
  5. I’m assuming it covers everyone in the cabin on medical? This is the first time I even got the insurance so I don’t know much about it.
  6. Thanks, I still don’t know the difference between classes.
  7. What about Valor balconies, do you know if they have fridges?
  8. Ah I’m glad I read this as I didn’t know it was fcfs on time for check in. If you have fttf do you need to check in early? I’m usually snoring at midnight lol
  9. That you get in the dining room on cheers package. I was reading the rules and I didn’t quite understand the large format thing. I’m assuming it is just a larger bottle but wanted to make sure. Also with cheers can you order whole cans of soda?
  10. First question is for the teen services, does anyone know the difference between the Acne Attack and Fabulous Fruity Facial? Both say they are for troubled skin. I planned on getting my 14Yo One of these for her birthday and she does have a bit of an acne problem right now. Also, does anyone know the difference between the Fire and Ice mani/pedi and the Elemis if you had them both which is better? Can anyone recommend one of the facials for adults? We we are probably not doing any excursions this go around so I thought it would be nice to try out some spa services. Oh and we are traveling on the Valor in Dec if this makes a difference.
  11. I don’t even know how I got mine 😂
  12. I agree, about being cheaper I guess I keep thinking.....I know myself if I have to pay per drink I’m not going to drink lol I think if I prepay it I’m way more likely to enjoy going to get daquries or have a after dinner drink. I’ll figure it sooner to cruise date 😉
  13. So I finally actually spoke to him. He was good at answering my questions and I ended up booking and paying the deposit. One kind of crazy thing is we was talking about cheers and he specifically told me not to get the bubbles for my daughter “you can give her a coke, you’re not supposed to share but no one will say anything if you give your kid some of your soda or juice” that’s ok I rather just pay for her the bubbles. Im still on the fence about cheers, I really don’t drink much alcohol but I love some virgin daquries to sip on while strolling the lido or sitting on my balcony.
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