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  1. Thanks. We are going in May this year, I hope our scenery is as good as your photos.
  2. We are going there in May but which is the better excursion, Tracy Arm Fjord And Glacier Explorer or the Hubbard Glacier Wilderness Exploration?
  3. Agree, just a beat up. Hate to think what these people would have thought of the "Love Riot" show on Pacific Explorer.
  4. Thanks for the replies 🙂 That new Canon 90D is looking good!
  5. I know that at the airports they have a desk to claim back GST, do they have this facility at Station Pier?
  6. A stupid question. What's the Chic night, for us first time cruisers?
  7. Thanks pacruise804 Thanks very much for guide 🙂
  8. Yes, not the best day to see anything ☹ but have fun anyway 😀
  9. We are on a cruise from Hawaii on May and have a week in a hotel before hand. As a rule we don't tip in Australia so I am after some ideas for America. When our bags are brought to our room etc, is it $1 or $2 per bag or just a general amount? I know you tip wait staff but barmen? If you tip a taxi driver do you tip bus drivers? What about tour guides? Who else are you expected to tip? Thanks Peter
  10. I can tell you that it is cool and rainy in Melbourne today. I am sure that it will warm up again by the time you arrive.
  11. Thanks for the great live blog and pictures. Have a safe flight home.
  12. When is final payment date for a cruise? Is it a standard time or does it vary cruise to cruise?
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