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  1. The last few days, I was able to get into My Viking Journey with no issue. There was only 1 of our 3 itineraries on it, so I tried updating with the cruises we have scheduled 11/20 and 10/21 (the 3/21 cruise was already there). My Viking Journey updated ok for the 11/20 cruise, but got the above message when I tried to add the 10/21 cruise.
  2. I imagine they are. That would be the only reason that they could congregate like this safely.
  3. When we went, we flew Seattle-Amsterdam-Bergen, and flew through Barcelona-Paris-Seattle on our way home. Luckily, only 2 flights each direction. I do appreciate now living near an international hub, it wasn’t always that way. We went Bergen to Barcelona last Oct and did not pass through the straits of Gilbraltar in daylight. Maybe the other direction?
  4. Emirates flies the route Dubai to Seattle. It is 14 butt numbing hours that goes over the pole. We did this a few years ago, no refueling.
  5. Mich3554


    We were in 5089 and did not have an overhang on the balcony.
  6. You’d have to quarantine everyone over 45, which is the youngest person who has died, many in their 50s as well.
  7. If doing laundry and you need to hang things to dry, there is a ledge along the wall on top of the closet (or the wall along side the bed in the PV cabins) where you can hang clothes on hangers for them to dry. It works better than hanging them in the bathroom or in the closet damp. Also, if someone has bouts of insomnia, around 2am apparently is the absolute best time to do laundry according to DH.
  8. The Sun has drawers in the closet as well, just like the Jupiter. The Sun was our first trip. We are also light packers, so the amount of closet space was not an issue for us.
  9. I have flown fewer than 3 million miles, but I know my flight has been delayed at least 24 hours at least 6x over the last 10 years. Of these, only 2 I can attribute to mechanical problems, the others have been snow, rain and wind. These were all domestic flights. Every cruise we have taken so far has started non domestically, so I try to give us 48 hours before the ship sails. For the most part, departure cities are those we have not been to so it really hasn’t been a hardship.
  10. This is a great idea! My last cruise, as I was folding my laundry back in my room I bought back 5 socks, took 8. I went racing back to the laundry room, just as someone was throwing laundry into the dryer I had just vacated. I was able to find my 3 missing socks in his dryer.
  11. We got off a cruise last month and while I can’t say it happens this way on all ships, I noticed it on the Jupiter. Glasses and cups were not placed upside down on the table. When the waiter came to get drink orders, unused glasses and cups were removed from the table. We were on the Jupiter in Oct. too, and I do remember seeing it then too. Our trip before that, everything was placed upside down as you described, so their protocol changed sometime between Dec 2018 and Oct 2019.
  12. This cruise is a segment of the world cruise, not a stand alone cruise.
  13. So who would distribute it? The same crew already preparing and distributing meals?
  14. I have gotten both email offers and mail offers. I just got a mail one for 2021-2022 cruises, that expires at the end of this month. This over came with a catalog for both ocean and river cruises, and it would be very easy to overlook the slip of paper it was on. The last Reservation I made (from an email offer with code), the Viking agent mentioned a cabin upgrade and OBC, not included in any email or mailing. So we were able to pile offers. Stumbling onto this was strictly lucky on my part. Right now, I have reservations booked for 2 ocean, one river cruise up through 2021.
  15. We did not miss any ports, but I believe the same cruise after us did. It’s pretty much a crap shoot. I can tell you what we did of above. We did the included BA tour with a very good tour guide. We also spent several days there after, so this gave a good overview as to what to hit on our own. We did the panoramic Valparaiso and winery. We had an excellent private tour of Valparaiso the day before, which took us places the tour couldn’t. Winery was pretty good, they had some excellent sparkling wines that we bought and brought back to the ship. Our tour guide the previous day also took us on a winery tour, so I think we came into our cabin with nearly a case of wine between the 2 days (we brought 3 bottles home). In Ushuaia, we did the end of the world tour and Ensenada Bay. It was interesting, the biggest problem we had was the Norwegian Star was on the same trek as us so this was a very crowded tour. It was interesting, but wouldn’t do it again. We got a good history lesson in how the area was built up. Uruguay we did the trail of the Admiral Graf Spee. Not my choice, DH wanted to do this. Meh....wouldn’t do it again. In Punta Arenas, we did the Magellan’s Discovery. It was ok, interesting to see the boat replicas. We saw penguins in Puerto Madryn Punta Tombo penguin colony. I very much enjoyed this tour, but it was a very long bus ride and we were late returning be about 30 min. We did the Falkland War tour. The guide was excellent, and I very much enjoyed this tour. Another of DH’s choices, and he did good with this one. I want to hit the penguin colony if we are ever here again. We did a private tour to Iguazu Falls as well. The tour and transportation was good, hotel kind of meh....it wouldn’t have been my choice, but it was only 2 nights so not a big deal.
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