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  1. 1. The average age for most on Viking is about 15 years older. So whether you fit in depends on how much you need to be entertained. We were sitting on our last cruise next to a woman who was 35 years old. She was complaining to her mother that she never wanted to do this again, she was bored out of her skull. But that was just one example. Do you need to be entertained all the time, or do you enjoy down time? 2. Port times vary some. Someone recently posted their Trade Route port times and even though we took that cruise this past Oct., the port times were different for us. 3. I would never attempt to guess. We just got off South America and Chilean Fjords a couple weeks ago. We didn’t miss a single port, but subsequent cruises did. 4. You’d have to see what kind of flights you can get out of each, and what kind of connections you’d have. If you call Viking, some of the reps can give opinions for this, I know they have had insight into if one direction is better than the other when I have asked them. 5. Someone posted a list awhile ago about ‘why cruise with Viking?’. It really did detail nicely what Viking has that other cruise lines do not.....and what other cruise lines have that Viking does not. You might want to look for this to help you decide.
  2. I don’t know about Celebrity Cruises, but I can tell you that you can easily get a table for 2 at The Restaurant, Manfredi’s or The Chef’s Table on Viking. That is all we ever eat at. About menus, The Restaurant always has steaks, salmon and chicken available. Then they fill in the menu with lamb, other seafood, prime rib and usually a pasta dish and risotto that changes daily. The Chef’s table has 4-5 menus it rotates through for several days. Manfredi’s is an Italian place, with pastas, risottos and grilled meats. I don’t remember Manfredi’s menu changing in our last cruise, we ate there 3x.
  3. The menuS served at the Chef’s Table on the European Trade Routes cruise were the same menus served on the South American and Chilean Fjords 2 months later. Same ship. Off the top of my head, there were 2 Asian menus and a Mexican one on both the cruises. I do not remember the others.
  4. They did this for us too.....ABBA was blaring on the speakers, and some of the staff was outside dancing.
  5. We recently had an example of getting back to the ship after we were supposed to have left the port. The bus got into a small accident (not the driver’s fault, the bus got clipped by a trailer turning short and it took off the side mirror). We got in about 10 min after the ship was supposed to have left port. 10 min after our bus emptied out, we were pulling out of the dock. I am not sure if we had been on a private tour if they’d have waited on us. It did make me very aware of how tight the schedule is though.
  6. We were in 5089 last week. Excellent cabin, I’d stay there again in a heartbeat.
  7. Exactly! We were upgraded from DV5 to PV1 on the cruise we just got off of. I think I will be booking PV from now on.
  8. We did a trans Atlantic, Lisbon to Miami hitting the Azores and Bermuda on Viking in Dec 2018. It was a fairly calm crossing, my only disappointment was that the Azores were socked in with fog/clouds.....something......and you couldn’t see anything. However, you cannot predict the weather. I thought the cruise was enjoyable, but I like sea days. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  9. Viking sails in the South Pacific and does not allow children under 18.
  10. We have had DV cabins 4110 and 5049. Both were excellent cabins. I liked 5049 best as it was halfway between the 2 sets of elevators so you could choose the set that were going in the direction you wanted to go. Both were probably equal distance from laundry.
  11. Actually, it is quite warm and absolutely NOT itchy. I don’t think it is 100% cashmere, if I had to hazard a guess it is 50% merino/50% cashmere.
  12. This cruise, I have been learning to play bridge on sea days. It is something I have always wanted to do, but not had the time. The instructor on our cruise is quite good, and incredibly patient! The showers are good sized. They aren’t huge (at least in the DV and PV cabins) but you do not get claustrophobic. You don’t bang your elbows washing your hair, and there is a ledge in the shower. The bath amenities are Freya, there is body wash, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. I have only used the body wash, DH has used the shampoo. World Cafe is a buffet each evening, The Restaurant is table service, and what these 2 restaurants serve mirrors each other. No reservations at The Restaurant, it is first come, first serve. No charge for soft drinks, coffee, iced tea, beer or wine at dinner.
  13. We saw her give this show on Trade Routes in Oct., but will be seeing it again. She has a great voice.
  14. Then I would list what is most important to you. Viking has no casino, no kids under 18, excellent food (supposedly not as good as Oceania) and all staterooms have balconies, and even the most basic room is larger. Itinerary is another consideration, which line is going where you want to go?
  15. I’m on Viking right now and the last cruise we sat next to a couple where the wife had a long laundry list of what she could not eat. They took her concerns seriously, and presumably she managed to eat during the cruise. They did strongly suggest that she stick to one restaurant on the ship to make it a little easier for the chefs. There is no problem bringing your food on board, but she might have difficulty warming it up.
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