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  1. Just out of interest who dropped a clanger you booked a saver ticket agreeing to p&o terms,if you wished to pick a cabin you pay extra and it’s the luck of the draw what you get. Unless p&o puts you in the hold I cannot see how they are not meeting there legal obligations.
  2. So you would be happy to sit next to someone who obviously have not made a effort so long as his general manners met your approval,ok it takes all sorts to make a world.
  3. Nothing to do with being a fashion police it’s about making the effort.
  4. Clientele as changed you mean us poor people who have escaped from the shackles and are now enjoying our hard earned money by cruising. Joking aside I will crawl back into my hovel and not bother my betters anymore.
  5. Interesting question jeans are jeans they have there place if your happy to dress in them for informal dining no problem,I am assuming your wife will be dressed in jeans so again no problem. If you are referring to formal dining you should know the answer to that.
  6. Well let me think about it for a minute would I buy it he’ll yes,2pints every 15 minutes like going back to my younger days.
  7. Just a footnote it’s a selling point for other cruise lines because people post on here how they found it good,my view is my wife is teetotal I drink Beer spirits but not wine so the package is not for me but I have absolutely no complaints about pando introducing it.
  8. The Peninsula and Oriental Steam Navigation Company
  9. Personally I see no problem you dressing like that,and that’s not me being condescending but my opinion.
  10. I think P&O should go down the other cruise lines up the prices of the cruises,than offer drinks at USA prices than offer free drinks packages if you book early,that way everyone would be happy.
  11. I never judge a book by its cover,neither would I go to a library and tell them to change the rules because I did not like them.
  12. I rather thought that the event we went to on P&O was rather classy,but obviously I lack the experience you have of cruising.
  13. More smartly dressed is a matter of opinion, if two sets of passengers wear DJ/smart suits your than basing your opinion on the wearer not the clothes.
  14. This subject keeps going around in circles if P&O had two identical restaurants one for formal one informal,you could guarantee there would still be those who would want to go in the formal dining room in casual clothing.
  15. Just out of interest did you not know about the formal nights on P&O more to the point there are other places to eat if you do not want to dress up.
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