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  1. Actually his posting from his cell looking through the bars at the ships in the harbour
  2. Oops that’s my paranoia kicking in sorry 🥺
  3. Actually he left because he mentioned the fact he believed that those who wanted to cruise were his guinea pigs and we’re determined to cruise at any cost, I found those comments objectionable because I replied we’re not his guinea pigs and we would not on any account put our safety at stake for his benefit, he objected to my reply and left totally his choice but I was not nasty spiteful mean etc just objected to his comments.
  4. Two cruises booked next year will be going on them if government says it’s ok to go, other people on here are against going on there cruises till it all goes away there choice which I totally and completely agree with, I just wished they wasn’t so vocal about it. For instance we have a regular poster on here who seams paranoid about there fcc not showing up on there account, no matter how many times there told it will appear they still post about it not showing we have two not showing but p&o told it will closer to the cruise date.
  5. Let you into a secret there are no cruises from the uk in the foreseeable future 🤪
  6. If that is correct no crew members have it that’s good news, but if we would have been onboard we would be less than happy and the holiday would have been spoilt, anybody know a good lawyer
  7. Just out of interest was they following the same protocols as MSC for there cruises, because we have heard no stories of them contracting COVID.
  8. We hired a flat at sidmouth on our honeymoon 34 years ago, I have been taking my parents down there for the last twenty years, they have stopped in cottages houses flats and now hotels, I like it there walking along the promenade makes me feel young.
  9. We already got the money for our next two but a bit of forward planning bring on November for the 2029.
  10. The refunds for our two cancelled cruises go back in the holiday fund to be used in 2022, least that way we know the holidays are covered.
  11. You do realise he lives under a bridge hence the service not very good 🤪
  12. All this talk of eels reminds me when I met my beloveds grandparents proper eastenders born within the sounds of bow bells so they told me, they offered me eels I kindly declined.
  13. I only have my photo taken at night without lights makes me look like I’m 21 again
  14. We have two booked one with princess in may and the other in October with p&o, should I be confident on going on both who knows.
  15. You haven’t noticed standards have slipped, I have sat here and not one waiter as come past might have to send the wife to the fridge to get me another beer.
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