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  1. My wife was called in this morning to make the calls for Monday the rest of the week they will make the calls the day before, most of the surgery’s in our area are following the same procedures
  2. To reduce the chance of spreading the virus some doctors are only doing phone consultations, and only if they really need to see a doctor will they be allowed to go to the surgery.
  3. To be honest it’s not a pleasant thought being trapped in a cabin for two weeks but I refuse to live my life in fear of what might happen.
  4. Obviously the fares will go up or very few cruise companies will survive,no income new ships to pay for refurbishments to pay for etc, nice idea though.
  5. Your best off looking on another popular site people are coming back off cruises and they say they have enjoyed them,we are going on our cruise even though I have underlying health problems.
  6. easy really two hrs in the gym than 5 laps around the deck than wake up breakfast collapse on the nearest sunbed to catch up on my sleep repeat for rest of the day
  7. 600 plus people died so far this year from the flu and the nhs just about coped But unless it turns out as bad as your stats say then we will be in trouble
  8. Your right I’m sorry just thinking about the staff who get abused for there being no appointments, I know money is far more important
  9. Andy you did the right thing in my view you had a genuine reason to see the doctor and asked the question nobody could argue with that.
  10. My view if you need to see a doctor for medical reasons than that what there for, but if you just want to see the doctor to get a note to cancel a cruise I do not think not many doctors would be happy with you, but it is only you can make that choice so do what you believe is correct.
  11. so in your view it's a valid medical reason not a financial decision to see the doctor
  12. if i had a pound for every time i read on here i might not cruise with p&o again or not cruising with them again i think it might pay for my next p&o cruise.but who knows if they will go through with it.
  13. Just out of interest those people who want to see there doctor to get a note for there cruise is that not taking a slot from someone who could be generally ill, i know at my doctors it normally a two week wait.
  14. That’s my view why panic so far the cruises are going ahead and by the looks at the reports people are enjoying them, as for Facebook they took a decision to wait for the experts to make a decision to cruise or not and not uninformed posters on here with there various motives.
  15. Not really strange but your dealing with peoples ideas how things should work until the government bans cruising or issues guidelines to the cruise companies they cannot issue guidance to us, than to blame p&o for lack of information is really outstanding considering nobody at this moment in time knows for sure what will happen.
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