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  1. we never going to sail with the nasty pando ever ever again after we rebook our October cruise in November and the two next year and possibly two the year after never again.
  2. We stay at the premiere inn the night before the cruise go out for a meal than next day very short drive to the dock.
  3. we book select just so we know what cabin we have and it adds to the fun.
  4. Hi there I am having counselling at the moment went to the local supermarket and picked up some zero alcohol beer up by mistake,I was spotted by a former friend who spread the word I have turned teetotal.
  5. We did try a couple of online companies but gave up the price difference was not really there so we just book direct.
  6. They should call this the doom and gloom thread p&o semi broke abta going broke the worlds stopped turning the oceans running dry, hopefully we will get our cruise in October and our two next year before the sky falls in.
  7. Everyone’s different we prefer quantity with reasonable standards So we can have 2 to 3 holidays a year abroad and our usual escape to Brean Somerset.
  8. True what you say about special occasions but to be honest as long as we’re enjoying our holiday I would not pay the extra,we spent my 60th on Marella explorer 2 and had a brilliant time so the more holidays I get the better.
  9. Ours is October but as my beloved said if I cancel it she will start cooking again
  10. Interesting to read how some people are comparing P&O to saga and Viking are they direct competitors or do you pay an awfull lot extra to sail with themI could be wrong.
  11. We intend to pay our balance when due P&O are not going broke so my money will be safe,and if we go on the cruise we very much to enjoy ourselves.
  12. P&O ferries are a completely different company so cannot be compared
  13. Your correct about BL the government bought a south African in to sell off the profitable bits like unipart and the large parcels of land they owned,so they was left with the unprofitable parts the government than sold them to British aerospace who than asset striped the company than sold them on to BMW. But who am i to argue with your way of thinking.
  14. before you go down the union bashing route the decline of the British car industry was the lack of investment plus the working conditions were atrocious compared to our European competitors,when you saw the profits being drained to pay shareholder dividends and ever increasing wages of the people in charge it became inevitable those who were actually making the products would want there share,but blame it all on the unions you probably believe the bosses were blameless.
  15. Barley wine is actually a strong beer
  16. Just like the beer than fizzy and lacks body
  17. Andy I would never judge a man or woman by what they drink,by the way isn’t peroni the modern day babycham
  18. We’re doing fine How’s yourself and family as for John smith’s is that actually a beer 🍺 ?
  19. My favourite drink on a cruise is Clarke’s old grog but alas not on P&O or a good real ale.
  20. My wife was called in this morning to make the calls for Monday the rest of the week they will make the calls the day before, most of the surgery’s in our area are following the same procedures
  21. To reduce the chance of spreading the virus some doctors are only doing phone consultations, and only if they really need to see a doctor will they be allowed to go to the surgery.
  22. To be honest it’s not a pleasant thought being trapped in a cabin for two weeks but I refuse to live my life in fear of what might happen.
  23. Obviously the fares will go up or very few cruise companies will survive,no income new ships to pay for refurbishments to pay for etc, nice idea though.
  24. Your best off looking on another popular site people are coming back off cruises and they say they have enjoyed them,we are going on our cruise even though I have underlying health problems.
  25. easy really two hrs in the gym than 5 laps around the deck than wake up breakfast collapse on the nearest sunbed to catch up on my sleep repeat for rest of the day
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