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  1. We had a similar experience on the Elation in Sept 2019. We were provided with OBC and a 50% refund of the cruise fare ( towards another cruise ). We did go to Nassau for an overnight. The ship was having a propulsion issue and could not get over 9-10 knots. It was not the trip we were looking for, but we had a great time. Overall condition of the Elation was nice, I would not consider it a rust bucket by any means. It is something that can happen that is out of our control, but you just have to roll with it. Of course I have no idea if this is the same issue that occurred in Sept. Hate to hear you were disappointed, hopefully your next cruise will exceed all of your expectations.
  2. How about we get the security detail to just throw one or two people overboard each cruise and see if that doesnt get people to do right on that cruise and I am sure word would spread so on future cruises it may not happen as often. Well I guess we have to decide what is right. Would that be social norms? Todays social norms? Or past social norms? How about we just say industry standard? Well per this forum there seems to be different standards per cruise line, so not sure that would work. Maybe they could add safe spaces and rooms with puppies, and stuffed animals, but then we would have sanitary issues. But that might be ok for some folks and offend others. This is a tough one.
  3. Oh I love Moscow Mules, Dark & Stormy is also a nice one.
  4. I had a mule on the Elation in September and that may have been the worst drink I have ever had. I drank it mind you, but it was terrible. That being said every other drink I had was wonderful, so maybe it was just a fluke.
  5. Sailed out of Port Canaveral in September. 2 of the couples with us placed a bottle of liquor in each checked bag. Did not conceal them in rum runners or anything else. Just put them in the luggage. All of the liquor made it through security. Not saying that will happen every time, but it leads me to believe the the "secuirty" is random. One of the couples cruises a few times a year, she said she has never had an issue.
  6. I dont really have a pic of the room, but the location was excellent. If it helps the layout is where the bathroom will be on your left when you enter, with the closet, and desk on your right. The head of the bed was on the right wall. We felt the location of the room was great and easily could get anywhere in a very short time. We did hear something rolling around one morning ( the galley is above you ) but we were up and it lasted for about 20 seconds, so no big deal. I also felt like the room was quite roomy, and the window was great. I should note we had the room set up as one bed. If you have it set up as two, I am not sure how they would do the layout. Hope you have a great trip.
  7. Butter was on the table in the MDR last month.
  8. A few weeks ago mine was at 130. I had FTTF and was off the boat, and in my cortrans shuttle by 9 maybe 915. I had plenty of time to grab lunch at the airport.
  9. Just food for thought. I booked my snorkeling tour as a DIY for Grand Turk. It cost more than a similar Carnival excursion, but I wanted a smaller group and was fine with it. Then the GT port got dropped due to mechanical issue. So I then had to get a days worth of wifi so that I could email the tour company who cancelled without issue. That was nice of them. On the same cruise we had an excursion through Carnival ( a cabana ) at Amber cove. Carnival cancelled and credited without me having to do anything. So sometimes the cost is not better, but the excursion may. And there is some value in the off chance that you are unable to get to your excursion due to a situation out of your control. To be fair, I just booked Nachi Cocom, and looking at Yucatan Cenote Adventures on an upcoming cruise. So I guess it just depends on your comfort level.
  10. Remember the beers are 16oz beers, at least the IPAs were. That is all I drank. For cheers will you drink 40 beers to break even per person? Oh don’t forget the milkshakes you forgot you loved and specialty coffee. A few weeks ago for IPAs they had Angel City, Rebel, and Parched Pig. They were all good. Have a great trip!
  11. Sorry to hear they have not been able to fix the issue. Hopefully they will have calm seas, beautiful weather, and a wonderful time in Nassau.
  12. We just came off a cruise that had mechanical issues and the discount was based off of the base rate of the current cruise. So lets say we paid 1000.00 before taxes, port fees, etc... for the cruise with mechanical issues ( and if the discount was 25% ) it would be 250.00. So we would get a 250.00 discount off our next cruise, if boooked within the time frame, which is/was a very generous time frame.
  13. I forgot to mention all the straws were plastic. I will also post the entertainment schedule if anyone wants it.
  14. The conclusion: I travel for work every month. Travel is nothing new for us, and the more you travel, the more you learn you have to just roll with the punches. Dont get so worked up. Just relax, be flexible, and make the most of it. I travel light ( just a carry on bag ) everywhere I go. You might be shocked to learn that people live in the locations you are going. They also have shampoo, toothpaste, deoderant, shaving cream etc... My point is that getting out there can be part of the adventure. I said all of that because this cruise started off as one thing and became something completely different. Our entire group of experienced travelers had a wonderful time. The ship is great, with plenty of things going on to keep you busy. The activities were fun and entertaining. Nassau is just that, Nassau. Not a place I would pick to go normally, but we had a great time. Carnival delivered the best they could for what they had to work with. Will everyone be happy? I guess not. What matters is if we were happy and yes we were. We have new memories and experiences that we would not have had, met new people, and strengthened our friendships. So thanks Carnival, we look forward to the next opportunity to sail with you, which looks like Oct 2020. See you then. If anyone has any questions I will be happy to answer them the best I can.
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