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  1. We got ours today and went through our travel agent. Booked for June 2nd on Harmony.
  2. I like that website better. Appears real time. I have it on my phone but sitting at my desk currently. So I wonder if they are going to have a mobile crane on the wharf area?
  3. I would agree with that. Looks like she is being moved to a different dock. Tugs Hanne, Freeport and Honesty appear to be with her. Although as of 2 minutes ago, she's just sitting in the channel leading up to the shipyard
  4. I was just gonna say the same thing. The pilot was there yesterday also and then went to a cargo ship across the way. Tugs have been with Oasis all day and a pusher (Commitment) has been docked nearby also.
  5. Makes me wonder if the added weight from the crew could have contributed? I mean, when you look at the science behind the dock and cofferdams, and all the work and research RCI put into all of this, they had figured out a way to do it safely with the size and weight of Oasis in general (and the Oasis class) but I don't know if all that research also took into consideration weight of the crew. I mean just a rough guess but that is like an additional 300,000 pounds.
  6. Yea I totally forgot that Oasis had Izuma. Oasis has been our annual ship for several years now but now it looks like Harmony will be the new family vacation. We went on Enchantment in October for a quick getaway from the kids (haha) and the WindJammer had sushi every night, no extra fee, and it wasn't half bad.
  7. We have the kids so Solarium isn't a loss... plus water slides are way cooler.
  8. I am excited for Grease. My wife is a CATS person but I enjoy Grease. I am also looking forward to SUSHI! Only other ship locally I have been on with sushi was Anthem Of The Seas
  9. Well, even though all of this happened, we have been able to secure a new cruise on Harmony of the Seas (which looks way more fun than Oasis was, even though I loved Oasis) on June 2nd. Travel agent already booked the suites and once the refund and FCC hits, we will use that. All hope is not lost!
  10. I already live here so another week in Florida would be the same as it was last week. lol
  11. We spoke to a rep on the phone who advised Oasis suffered damage to the underside of the ship. So take it as you will based on the source.
  12. This right here! You said it best! But I realized it's better to sometimes just let the pigeons strut around the board and knock everything over and act like they run the place. No use in arguing with these people. All the ones saying we should feel special are all ones who's cruise wasn't just cancelled.
  13. I wasn't looking at only Symphony. But thanks for the clarification
  14. I will survive. We are looking at June/July. I am perfectly fine downgrading my class of room to a Jr. Or Balcony to take advantage of the FCC.
  15. I really try to make each post unique. 😂
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