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  1. Ship Getaway Deck - 14 Stateroom # - 14148 Stateroom Category – BA Starboard or Port Side - Port Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Every morning we awoke at 5:00AM with the staff arranging the lounging chairs on the 15th floor above us. Each night the staff noisily stacked the lounge chairs above us. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - n/a Balcony View - No obstructions Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - Sized perfectly Was wind a problem? - no If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - n/a Any specific problems with this cabin? - It was difficult to Any other comments? -
  2. The letter in part states - While your offer has not been selected yet, you may still be selected for an upgrade by our onboard team. So, it's a wait and see. I really don't think we will be selected.
  3. Yesterday's Email on 11/4 sailing on the Getaway, 15-day cruise, out of NYC. So, i guess it's a wait and see,
  4. More power to you. We recently sailed on the Joy to Bermuda. This was our most expensive (per night) cruise and we paid 1,000 per night in the Haven. Our 5th cruise in the Haven. Looking forward to more Havens in the future.
  5. For us the best experience of the Moderno is the salad bar. Assorted fine Cheeses, Italian Cole cuts (if I can characterize them as such) Sushi, etc. I always have at least 2 rounds of the Salad Bar. And lastly, we enjoy the cooked pineapple at the end of our courses.
  6. At 92 points shy of 700. Any gift will be welcomed.
  7. I tip always at certain stations. One that I frequent at least once and sometimes 2 to 3 times a day I tip 1 dollar per item ordered. On one of my recent cruises I asked one of the servers if they share the tips with the rest of the servers at that station or are the tips pooled between multiple stations. His response was - when the tips are in cash they divide the cash equally. When the tip is added to the bill they see don't see any of it.
  8. We have never not tipped at a specialty restaurant. And I think 10 is a lowball tip IMHO. Which is what we tip. Yes it is much appreciated by the staff. I will discuss, with the missus, on increasing the tip.
  9. Hi We booked 14176 on the Joy July 30th cruise. Was looking to book 15130 but passed as it is one deck below the swimming area and was concerned with the noise. The price diff was negligible for us but our noise concern was the determining factor. By the way we always book a portside room when sailing to Bermuda. Just love those harbor lights at night and the view of the Governor's port never gets old.
  10. 10 to 20 dollars. 10 dollars if the trip is from pier to onboard / or from on board through customs. 20 dollars if we were let off at the taxi stand.
  11. I've cruised on the Dawn several times and have had no problems. It is one of our favorite ships.
  12. Booked a b2b cruise from NYC - Quebec and Quebec - NYC while on board our last cruise. Making sure that we booked the same room number on both cruises, which we did. Our booking indicated a BF-BA category status. We intended to use our Diamond upgrades to MA Club Balcony Suite but was disallowed because our BF status. So we chose an MC cabin (same room ). Our PCC scripted a note to the upgrade team? that if the room number was not available on both legs of the b2b do not apply the Diamond Upgrades. 72 hours later we received conformation that we were upgraded with our choice of room on the Joy for both cruises. Looking forward sailing on the Joy.
  13. We have tipped on the fist day of the cruise and the last day of the cruise. Also when we have a steward that is ending his contract we also tip him and then tip our new steward.
  14. Spoke to the Photographers on the Gem and they said Martin is on another ship.
  15. Must the port charge refund be requested while on onboard? or can it be requested after disembarkation?
  16. 4 Breakaway 4 Dawn 17 Gem 1 Jewel 1 Star
  17. On our last cruise in the Gem in January of 22. There was a door decorated with magnetic "Just MARRIED" with hearts flowers and cherubs. Done very well IMO. I also remember a small "CRUISE CRITIC" magnet on one of the room doors. It's my impression that NCL does allow magnetic signs. But no decorations that may leave a residue or discoloration on the door.
  18. Looks like Breakaway fits the Oct 30 sail date to Canada
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