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  1. LOL. It is not as unfair as it is that I cannot walk without my walker as a result of having four laminectomies, triple spinal fusions, failed bilateral knee replacements, being legally blind in one eye as a result of severe eye injuries, and having limited use of my dominant arm as a result of a rather nasty automobile accident. If you would like to trade me all of that for the chance that I might choose to attempt to buy a vibe pass on a cruise just let me know! Otherwise please stop whining over silly things.
  2. Aren't those two statements self contradictory?
  3. I am pretty sure it is a safe bet that all ADA passengers would gladly trade away their disability to any of you able-bodied passengers who are complaining and give up the vibe pass along with it.
  4. No it was caused by the person who ran into you not paying attention to what he was doing or either not caring at all.
  5. Actually you did everything to ensure you had the best chance to get a vibe pass. There is no way to ensure you will get one and I have no idea why one would insure a vibe pass. Anyway, there is nothing even slightly fraudulent about what you describe. Sounds more like sour grapes over not getting a pass. So now you are "done with NCL" because you did not get to pay $200 for a Vibe pass. LOL :O
  6. Yeah I agree. Cirque is no longer on the Breakaway. Now Velvet, some kind of 80s or disco thing. I called NCL and waited a bit. they have no details yet ion it though. I guess it is up to the wife and kids what we book. Almost have all the info we need to make a choice now. Thanks everyone. Appreciate it.
  7. Yeah we are cool with the upcharge just was looking particularly to see if that Cirque show was on both away ships over the next few months. Any word on if it is also on the breakaway anyone? Still trying to decide if we want to do a summer cruise and would like to know all factors.
  8. What are the current dinner shows on the Breakaway and Getaway? Have they changed recently or should we expect them to be changing any time in the near future? Any feedback on whatever the show is would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks much.
  9. see item #1! https://www.ncl.com/prohibited-items
  10. Yes really. We have narrowed it down to three cruises and have several factors to base our decision on. We have been able to find out the answers to all of our questions on our own except for this one. Something being a small part of the decision process does not equate to it being the deciding factor. Even so, if all else is equal what difference does it make to you what our final deciding factor is?
  11. OK so what do I do if there is not one of those roll call discussion already in progress for the cruise I am thinking about? Do I have to send someone a request to get it started or do I just start it just like this discussion?
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