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  1. They'll be docked at the new BICT once it's completed (in theory it should have completed by now) BICT is said to be able to handle Oasis class ship Michael
  2. As mentioned in another post, fingers crossed you're correct instead of me! 😛 Michael
  3. I would hope this is the case mate! We can use some more ships down here although I probably won't hold my breath for it. Michael
  4. Yep - from the press release above it sounds like PX is retiring after last voyage departing 25 April 2021. Michael
  5. I know it's a bit OT but from the reading of this it sounds like Pacific Explorer will be retired after 25Apr?? Michael
  6. Yeap I agree Think RCL's shorex in NZ is handled by ID NZ - directly or indirectly, they'll get into trouble for sure Michael
  7. Thanks But we paid for this dearly in terms of cruise - only Sapphire left and I honestly doubt the ship will come back this season 😞 Michael
  8. Well AFAIK the plan certainly isn't making that assumption - or otherwise it would have a totally different level of planning. Happy to be proved wrong though - heck if the cruise resumes I'll try and get on an Adventure departure from White Bay myself! Michael
  9. Ok I have seen another (most recent) CAU plan that still says White Bay will accommodate Pacific Adventure. So there must be (at least) working on plans in place to fit the ship under the bridge. Michael
  10. You do realise that the case number in Australia is as low as we can imagine in Western countries - and ScoMo (our PM) has publicly mentioned he wanted domestic borders open by Christmas, which is right at the time when cruise is about to restart. There's also a travel bubble for NZers to come to NSW and NT now - although the reverse hasn't happened but I do believe this is largely due to the election in NZ that is right on the horizon (17 Oct IIRC). I know this is subject to allowing the ships back but IMO there is a bigger chance that this can happen down here than up in the States - if all procedures are approved by local health team. Michael
  11. Japan is opening up cruise to Japan-flagged ships (a few but not many). With proper procedures in place and other negotiations it might actually happen. Trouble is PCL from Japan needs to stop at a foreign port due to regulations (similar to the US one). The only one I bet they even will have a remote chance of docking is Taiwan. I don't believe any Mainland ports will be open to foreign cruises but am happy to be proved wrong. Michael
  12. Obvious exemptions include Sapphire, Diamond, Island and Pacific Not sure what's coming for these four ships Michael
  13. They always do that - means they can push down the unit prices to get the same yield and cater to more families P&O is not really PCL level when it comes to customer experience for sure Michael
  14. They can, in fact it was actively practised down in Australia until very recently - for Pacific Dawn at Hamilton. Once a while the ship would not be able to dock at the Hamilton terminal due to wind; and would be docked at FI Grain terminal (which is just tiny little more than a shed). Computers are transferred from FI Grain to Hamilton, luggage and pax are checked in at Hamilton and transferred to FI Grain. Michael
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