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  1. Hello all, dear friend vegan chiming in! I feel like I have to give a disclaimer. When I travel or eat out as a vegan I usually make an educated guess on what's vegan based off my experiences and cooking knowledge. If it seems helpful, will let staff know I'm vegan but typically I say things like "no cheese, no butter, aka no dairy" and that is easier to understand than "I'm vegan" for a lot of people. I find just saying, "I'm vegan" is met with, "well we have a side salad" even if there is an option that might make a heartier meal (like doing roasted veggies & potatoes cooked in oil). That's what works for me and keeps a vegan life sustainable for ME (7 years strong baby!) But I certainly understand if that's not the type of vegan YOU try to be. #steppingoffthesoapboxnow If you're vegan and in Denver airport I give the hot dog place (Steve's Snappin' Dogs) an A-. Outside of the airport they'd probably get a C, but it's so nice to see vegan junk food. The green chili was super weak so load the dog up with something else if you go. The onion rings were probably not vegan in hindsight, but I found the place through a vegan blog and the bloggers got the onion rings so I went for it. I didn't confirm with the staff there tho so take that for what it is! Taquilos (in Galveston) really burned my bridge. I told the waitress my no cheese, no sour cream, no dairy spiel and felt like she wasn't quite getting it so I told her I was vegan (which normally I don't feel is necessary). My first plate was covered in a sour cream green sauce (which I know because they had it as a side with the chips they brought to the table), so I had to send it back. I hate that because I feel like it defeats purpose of me not ordering those items. I also think that sour cream sauce was blended into the refried beans but I don't know that for certain. I confirmed no pork fat in the refried beans and thought I was safe. Lessons learned! Mod coffee (in Galveston) was a treat and I would totally go back. In addition to the vegan zucchini bread they had hummus & pita and a hummus veggie wrap in the fridge. Had a really nice time at the sand castle competition and walking around Galveston. Though imo, I'm not sure I'd find enough to do to stay another full day. Really looking forward to trying all the options on the ship and reporting back!
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