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  1. Take the bigger balcony of 7092. On deck 7 there is a canopy below the balcony that obstructs the view partially on most of the cabins. Just be aware of that.
  2. I'm glad that RCCL took action for your sake. From my perspective I believe that the rules of conduct are there for the greater good of all passengers. If you can't abide by the rules then you should choose another type of vacation. People don't get kicked off for wearing shorts to the DR. Things that I have read about in the past include refusal to attend muster, public intoxication, fighting, and abusive behavior. In China recently they had to forcibly remove passengers from Quantum when they refused to leave at the end of their cruise. All because they changed the itinerary because of a typhoon. I think that they bend over backwards to inform and then warn people before taking action.
  3. I'm curious how you are privy to this. As you said, they were "quietly" handled out of court. Not so quietly that you are aware of the settlements.
  4. Is there a way to really identify this? I can't imagine that the lines want to publicly acknowledge this happening. I can see where you would hear about this if people get kicked off in Key West based on the size of the community.
  5. I would seek out the loyalty ambassador and let them know. Other than that your suite perks far outweigh Diamond Perks. You will receive your pins in the mail after the cruise ends.
  6. In Cozumel we have visited Tulum a couple of times. Grand Cayman we tendered in and just walked around town. In Labadee, if you are in a GS or above you can reserve a cabana for about $180. Last time we were there we split it with two other couples and it was well worth the money for a much more upscale buffet and a shaded beach area. There is staff and cabana attendants that requires some tipping that adds to the day's cost.
  7. I would definitely come in the day before and stay in Cocoa Beach. That way you are 10 minutes from the ship. The latest NOAA Hurricane Center Advisory has it coming through the middle of the state as a tropical storm. If that is the case Port Canaveral will be in the north east quadrant and get stronger wind and rain. Flights into Orlando will be more likely to be cancelled on Monday. I just checked RCCL's site and they advised to monitor their site closely and make sure your contact information is updated in their system so that they can contact you.
  8. While the pricing is really great n this cruise, I does not work exactly like that. The $599 is the base fare for an interior guarantee and does not include taxes and fees. The OBC varies by stateroom class and C&A level. An interior guarantee for that price does not get $325.
  9. We did the re-positioning cruise on Vision plus a 5 day prior to the repo last November. We enjoyed the crew and the ship has been refurbished to add the specialty dining venues. Captain Lis was very involved with the passengers and that was a big plus as well. We switched from a T/A on Indy to Vision because of a radical price reduction. Initially Vision was more expensive but all of a sudden it was several hundred dollars less and with a much better itinerary.
  10. There are a couple of important things to understand. You are b2b2b and this perk is offered only on cruises that are 5 days or longer. You each have this perk loaded on your sea pass so be sure that if you need to do more than 1 bag that you use the folio number from different cards. Also at the beginning of each cruise your perks reload for that cruise and anything from the cruise that has ended goes away. I would double check with the C&A desk to be sure that the wash and fold is still a perk. I didn't see it mentioned the last time I looked at the perks.
  11. A lot can happen in a year. I would ask this question about 11 months from now to be sure:confused:.
  12. Based on the 5 day forecast track by the National Hurricane Center it would appear that it is headed for the Bahamas and will be in the central Bahamas Sunday morning. My guess is that Saturday cruises will be headed west and out of harms way and Sunday departures from Miami, FTL, and PC will be giving the storm a wide berth. Ocean temperatures down here are in the high 80's which fuels these storms. Stay tuned for future forecasts.
  13. Both are great places to shop but advantage to St. Thomas in duty free limits. You can bring back 1 gallon if bought in St Thomas vs 1 bottle from other ports. Cigarettes are the same type of thing. I believe 5 ctns vs 1. Lastly your duty free exclusion is double the $ if purchased in St Thomas.
  14. Everything that I have seen or read indicates that the new suite program is for Oasis and Quantum class ships and not the rest of the fleet. Has there been added information released by RCCL that is not reflected on their web site?
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