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  1. Tauck has river cruises specially designed for families. https://www.tauck.com/tours-and-cruises/family-travel/family-river-cruises. Their family cruises are wonderful. it's not just having kids on board, they plan activities especially for the kids.
  2. Whenever we rafted, we could smell the other boat. Their exhaust was exactly in line with our balcony. Even closed the fumes come in.
  3. There is a Go Fund me page in the name of Chloe Wiegand asking for $1000 for funeral expenses. it was started July 2019 and now has total donations of $0. However, there are multiple websites asking for donations. Another website, Fundly, organized by the South Bend police union, has a donated balance of more than $22k towards a goal of $50k. This one specifies that it is asking for help with legal fees. There may be other websites.
  4. No trust account, just general cash. Cash if fungible. The deposits are recorded as a current liability with the revenue recognized as the cruises are completed (sometimes pro-rata for lengthy cruises). This is a concern if a cruise line is rapidly expanding and is using current deposits to fund future expansion, ie. building new ships. This issue surfaced with regard to Viking as they were requiring large non-refundable deposits way before a cruise was scheduled. Customer deposits are a source of cheap capital. Genting Hong Kong's last reported earnings statements shows losses, albeit lower than previous. The stock is trading near it's 52 week low, but most of the travel industry is trading low.
  5. Could be they are asking based on probabilities. They are like an insurance company which requires different underwriting based on age, lifestyle, gender, etc. Why are you so upset? With that attitude, you may want to reconsider your trip.
  6. Post on the Alaska board. You'll get more eye traffic. The excursion isn't really related to luxury travel. It's just in the name of the excursion. Carnival sells the same excursion. Actually, you'll find that almost all the cruise lines sell the same third party excursions. You might find this helpful. https://www.alaska.org/advice/alaska-cruise-excursions https://www.tripsavvy.com/things-to-do-on-alaska-cruise-991556
  7. Some private excursion vendors do offer senior discounts. Just ask.
  8. We only had one real "sit on the deck and look at the passing wonderful scenery" day on the Danube (Regensburg to Budapest). All other travel was at evening/night and through lots of locks (15+). Jarring and noisy. Usually a walking tour (in the smaller towns) in the morning, then free time in town or on the ship. Excursions are low key. Check potential itineraries for travel times and dockings. Also remember that the published itinerary is only a suggestion. Actual travels will vary based on river traffic and water levels. And always, always, always close your curtains at night, balcony or not. Otherwise, you may wake up to strangers looking in from a ship adjacent to yours due to multiple parallel berthing..
  9. My husband surprised me by doing the laundry. I must have low standards. congratulations and have fun!
  10. I love staying on board. The ship is quiet, more private, crew (although fewer during port stay) are less stressed, you have the pick of the lounge chairs or tables to dine. I enjoyed watching other ships come and go. What a wonderful time to be had. I'm usually on a smaller ship so I don't know whether the behemoths are ever truly quiet.
  11. The OP details the reasons for travel medical insurance. Medical expenses are open ended and very few people would choose to self insure this unlimited risk. People think: I don't know how much I may have to spend if something happens whilst I am traveling. I could lose all my savings and potentially my house. I can't afford to lose all that, so I'll get insurance. Travel cancellation insurance is a known risk, limited exposure, and a sunk cost. So, , many people self insure this risk. They think: If I have to cancel this trip, the most I am out of pocket is the cost of the trip. I have already paid this, so my bank account and my house are safe. I'll take that chance.
  12. Thank you for the reference. I was racking my brain trying to come up with the name.
  13. LGA totally under construction. A few months back, there were pictures of travelers running along the highway with their suitcases because their taxis were caught in traffic. Go with EWR even if times are less convenient than LGA.
  14. This is not uncommon, but generally on re-positioning cruises. Be aware that the re-positioning TAs occur seasonally (eastbound in the Spring and westbound in the Fall); only the QM2 regularly makes the transatlantic crossing from either Hamburg or Southampton to NYC.. . Research where you want to go in Europe, and then look at TA that complements your land tour. People travel by land in Europe all the time, even Americans. I love to rent a car and just drive around. I prefer westbound travel because you gain 1 hour daily, rather than lose 1 hour. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1363542-transatlantic-east-or-west/
  15. Back to the OP questions. Paris is very easy to navigate. Pick up one of the tourist maps or use google maps on your phone. More importantly, it is a walking city, relatively flat other than Montmartre. Buses and the metro go everywhere and are easy to manage. But I recommend walking. Walking along the quays of the Seine is delightful and a great place for a book lover. If you are interested in art, pick one or two museums to visit. Since you are only there for two days, verify opening days and times. Some museums are closed on Monday and some on Tuesday. I would NOT visit Versailles during your two day Paris visit. That needs another trip.
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