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  1. The difference between the Pride of America and cruises to Hawaii from the US mainland/Canada is the difference between cruising for the destination or cruising for the ship. Pride of America is all about the ports and maximizes your time in Hawaii. Sailing to or from the US Mainland/Canada, has almost as many sea days as a re positioning cruise Trans-Atlantic. The one way cruises do not generally overnight in any Hawaiian ports, whilst the round-trip Honolulu cruises overnight in Maui and Kauai. I would recommend the Pride of America RT cruise and arrive early. You are coming from the east coast. It's a long trip. Take the time to enjoy the Aloha spirit. Spend a few days on one of the islands before the cruise. Maui has lots of hotels and great restaurants. Kauai is generally considered the most beautiful. Hawaii is not "just another beach". It's a way of life.
  2. CC is the ONLY reason you're getting your rings back? 🙄 Maybe you should also thank the person who found the rings and turned them into Guest Services and the crew on the ship who facilitated their return to you.😇 Also, some advice. I keep a gallon size plastic bag in the safe. Everything goes into the plastic bag. Never directly into the safe. Then, when I'm leaving, I just have to grab the plastic bag. No problem about leaving things in the dark safe.
  3. What would happen if your cruise is delayed and leaves late in the evening or the next morning? Does that invalidate the 24 hr transit? Is it really tied to the minute? 4:30 pm to 4:30 pm. What is the plane lands at 4:28 pm? I know these are a lot of "what if" questions, but when you are not in control of these variables and you are "hostage" to the government of China, it's worth considering getting a visa.
  4. Lots of shingles vaccine here in Connecticut. Even the pharmacies at the supermarkets are advertising. If you are near Vermont or MA, check there.
  5. You cannot opt out. You can try, but it never seems to work. Actually I don't care about the garbage. In fact, I'm happy these companies are wasting their money on me. Since I never asked for the brochures, the more they spend on my garbage, the higher their costs. (My garbage pickup is a flat fee; I don't pay by weight.) I just feel bad for the trees.
  6. The number of repetitive and useless sales brochures mailed is ridiculous. I think that Oceania now rivals Viking river cruises with providing me with the most garbage. I haven't sailed either line and have no intention of sailing either line. I've managed to block and delete all their emails automatically using spam filters at the server level, but the printed versions keep coming. Free upgrades, special packages, and of course the always, always enticing 2-1 sales. I conclude that enough people respond to their frequent and non-stop mailings to warrant the continual barrage in my mailbox. My usual way of dealing with spam mail doesn't work very well with these sales brochures. When i receive mail with a prepaid business envelope, I send the envelope back to the sender. But the cruise lines brochures don't have return envelopes. I just feel bad for all the dead trees.
  7. I also take Bonine before I fly. Anything that moves upsets me, but I found taking Bonine about 1-2 hrs before my flight really helps. I take for the entire cruise, unless things are really calm.
  8. another cost saving is the generally smaller single supplement on Crystal.
  9. Crystal has very reasonable solo supplements. Usually much less that the mass market 100%. So, if you are solo, taking a luxury inclusive cruise may be a less expensive alternative to the behemoth mass market lines.
  10. Upgrade was from inside cabin to balcony cabin. Let's see. Your friend is paying less that you are for the equivalent cabin. You think that's a mistake and she should be paying the same as you. Why not have her call the cruiseline and ask? Oh, I see. You want to see if she can get away with it. Analogy. I go to the supermarket and put 5 cans of soup in my cart. At checkout, the checker only rings of 4 cans of soup. Do I ask if they are on sale, "buy 4, get 1 free"? do I tell the checker I actually have 5 cans, or do I try to get out of the store as fast as I can and hope no one notices their mistake?
  11. All inclusive and luxury are not synonyms. You can be luxury whilst not being all inclusive. And you can be all inclusive but not luxury. Notwithstanding the fact that many of the luxury cruise lines are all inclusive, that is not neither necessary nor sufficient for a luxury cruiseline.
  12. The only other place I see door decorations are assisted living retirement homes.
  13. If someone comes to tell me that my large group is disturbingly loud in an upscale dining venue and politely asks us to please try to keep the sound down, I would acknowledge their discomfort and say that we will be more aware of the volume going forward. Polite response: "I'm sorry you were disturbed. We just heard a wonderful story and had to laugh. I hope you are enjoying this wonderful dinner as much as we are." Rude Response: "We're enjoying ourselves. Leave us alone. We're laughing. Get over it. You have no right to tell us to change our behavior. We're on vacation. You can leave if you don't like it." Maybe it's a cultural thing.
  14. I have to laugh. I'm old enough to remember burning my bra and happy when girdles went out of style. Women were free. We all went natural. Then, came spanx. And eyebrows that are braided or tattooed. And eyelashes longer and heavier, defying gravity. Women lock themselves into their rooms, refusing to be seen without lots of chemicals and stuff on their faces. I think we're going backwards. As Maurice Chevalier sang in Gigi: I'm glad I'm not young anymore. What happened to our confidence in ourselves?
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