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  1. Looks like they don't want to take a chance with anyone falling off the ramp
  2. Slightly off topic but related to the Marine Traffic, the Anthem of the Seas's destination is "Drifting". That seems to be true for most of us.
  3. Both ships fly the Dutch flag, a good ally. It's been more than 14 days since any passengers disembarked at a port. They have been quarantined. Bring the ship in and take care of the souls on board.
  4. Wow! I hadn't thought of it. All that TP just off shore on all those cruise ships. Hmm. Maybe HA could bribe their way in?
  5. Yeah, when I enter the code, it said Port of San Antonio, but last I looked, San Antonio had many wonderful attributes, but it was not a port. Chile makes more sense. They may not yet have a destination, so an old one was entered.
  6. The map shows the Rotterdam heading to port Everglades and the Zaandam heading to CL SAI. Where is that?
  7. You bet you could go (buy cheapest, no refund ticket rather than fully refundable ticket or insurance). You can't (country effectively on lock-down). You lose (your money). What have I mis-stated here? It's not your fault that you can't go, but it's also not the airlines fault. Why should they pay when you had the opportunity to hedge your bet?
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