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  1. I got that package on my last cruise. Well worth it. I used it to get virgin drinks at dinner or at the pool. You also get bottles of water. The only thing that I didn't use the package for: getting a milk shake from Johnny Rocket.
  2. I saw someone riding a slide on cococay who used a body mount for the camera. I guess the whole point is that they want you to lie flat and cross your arms and legs. Holding a camera (or strapping it to your rest or head) will not allow you to follow this security procedure.
  3. This is awesome. Didn't know this feature existed. Thanks a bunch for the tip 😊
  4. I figured this will be the case, but was hoping for a normal traffic day. Thanks 😊
  5. Hello. I'm looking at a cruise from Cape Liberty that will stop in Cape Canaveral on the Tuesday before thanksgiving (Nov. 26). How is traffic to and from Orlando on that day if I plan on driving from the port at around 9am and leave Orlando around 2pm? TIA 😊
  6. They have kiosks you can use to book your fast pass. But you will need magicbands for that.
  7. Usually, the visa is for multiple entries within the given timeline. For B1/B2, they usually allow the traveller to stay in the US for up to 6 months, and is granted multiple entries. Leaving the US and re-entering doesn't not reset this timeline.
  8. When entering the US, Border Control officer will stamp the passport indicating entry date, and manually write the date that the traveller must leave the US on or before. This is done to eliminate the guessing game.
  9. you have to get a tourist visa (B1/B2) which would normally give you around 6 months to stay at a time. With ESTA (and any other types of visa) if you over stay, you could be black-listed and will not be allowed into the US in the future.
  10. We are not US citizens, and the facial recognition thingie worked well for us. Just as it was mentioned earlier, if you had your passport scanned at check-in, then you are good to go.
  11. We were on the same sailing. Our first on Harmony (did 2 on Oasis before). I showed the picture of your granddaughter to my daughters, and one of them recognized her. She did't remember her name, but remembered talking with her few times.
  12. Did you consider another cruise line? I don't knkw what is offered, but might be worth it to research alternatives.
  13. You just choose 1 passenger. Once you get into your cabin, you will have a letter waiting for you with a code. Just enter that code into 4 devices. If you need to use more than 4, just log off one device, and log on another one using the same code.
  14. If they open gangways earlier than that and the 4PM is your "suggested" time, then yes you can board early. BUT if gangways don't open till 4pm, then there is nothing you can do.
  15. Use the set sail pass you use to board the ship.
  16. Haven't sailed from Europe yet, but might be going on Explorer in October.
  17. I don't do formal nights. I wear suits to work every day and don't want to be doing it on my vacation. And we travel from Kuwait to the US for an extended vacation (4 - 5 weeks) so the last thing I want to worry about is a suit that I will wear once or twice in that period. I either dine at speciality restaurants or windjammer or Johnny Rockets - or even room service - on formal nights.
  18. Help protect the environment ♻️ and don't print what you will end up throwing away.
  19. Just as @Ocean Boy mentioned, I was replying to post #3. I do need my passport to board the ship. When we are in port, I keep the passports in the sage, but I always carry my ID and the IDs for my wife and kids with me. But I never had to show them - not even on the Bahamas.
  20. We are not US citizens, and were not asked for a passport or ID in the bahamas (that was either 2017 or 2018)
  21. It went very will (aside from the encounter). I was talking with my wife this morning about it. Apparently she had 2 encounters of her own on the cruise.
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