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  1. For me I picked my room and will be happy with it even if I don’t get the upgrade I’m looking for. I will likely participate in the royalup program and go for a grand suite. I’m in a BB that I booked at its cheapest in 2/18 and if it’s a 800-1200 min on a grand suite I’ll offer a tad bit more. That would still save me thousands had I booked the GS originally.
  2. We are on the same sailing, hopefully it’s not a potential cancel. That would ruin our anniversary.
  3. We got the same email for our July sailing. Leaving San Juan at 1:00. We are not considering changing our cruise at all. Seams as though the oasis class ships are having problems with the “propulsion”.
  4. We have a boardwalk balcony on allure in July. We will probably bid on a GS when the time comes. One question I have is that we bought the key. Say we win the bid on a suite can I cancel the key since a suite has all those perks?
  5. We are going on Allure in July for our 10 year anniversary. We wanted a junior suite but figured we would be just fine with a boardwalk balcony and have some more coin for other things on and off the ship. So we purchased the key based on boarding, lunch, show seating and activities. If the last few reviews about “the key” are what we would experience it’s a waist of $350.00. Has anybody recently sailed allure and purchased the key and if so how was your experience with it?
  6. First time posting, I am a smoker... sorry non smokers I know most of you HATE US, my wife doesn’t smoke or hate me lol. I do my best to not inconvenience others with my habit/addiction. I have been on two previous cruises royal Caribbean and carnival, the first we had a ocean view interior room with two smoking sections on the boat. The second we had a balcony room and at the time carnival allowed smoking on the balcony’s. We have a trip on allure of the seas booked for July (our 10 year anniversary) and have a boardwalk balcony room. WE CANT WAIT!!!! I know ships have done away with smoking on the balcony’s. If anyone that has been on allure of the sea lately could tell me where there smoking sections are (other then the casino) I’d greatly appreciate it. I'm sure now that I have signed onto this forum I’ll have more questions over the next few months and look forward to sharing how our trip went.
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