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  1. The “Play Onboard Points” amount provided me during that cruise by the casino host did not equal my tier points, the redeemable (those that were usable for free play on that cruise) points, nor equal to the amount of my tier points divided by the number of nights on that cruise. So, that reference by the host was not attributable to my ADW (avg. daily worth).
  2. Yesterday morning, I called and got through with a great BCC rep out of Wichita, KS. She explained that I would need to get an explanation from UR Comped, and so I messaged my host. Later that day, my host e-mailed me, and we exchanged a couple of messages, and I found out that a "casino rep" calculated my amount of free play, and explained that it was based upon an ADW (average daily worth) that takes into account ADT (average daily theoretical) for both slots and table games. I do not know if the "casino rep" works for BCC or URComped. Not real clarity, but, hey, at least I found out that I do qualify for free play on our next Celebrity cruise, and that there is a formula that they use to determine both ADW and the amount of your free play.
  3. Amhere219, THANK YOU! I figured that tier points might be the answer, however, the host onboard my July sailing provided me both my tier points (slots and table games played) as well as what was termed, "Play Onboard Points". I suspect that measurement used some formula for converting table games points to overall tier points earned. As for your other observation regarding an apparent downgrade in the BCC program, I hear you regarding the quality of casino loyalty programs. However, I know from personal experience with another cruise line (since the resumption of sailing) that its casino loyalty program seems to provide slightly less generous benefits/perks to its members.
  4. Fairly new to Celebrity’s Blue Chip Club. Read the explanation of BCC benefits on Celebrity website, and came across terms providing for free play that will be provided based upon your BCC tier level, at the greater of a flat $$$ amount or a percentage of a player’s gaming activity. Question: How do we determine our gaming activity level on our previous sailing? Is that the same as the number of tier points earned? If not, we would appreciate an explanation. Thank you in advance for any clarification that you can provide.
  5. Yes. I redeemed an annual tier benefit online for the 3/4 sailing, received an e-mail telling me that my offer was redeemed. Went to look at the Receipt, and saw that they applied my signature trade-in value ($1,000) and did not provide me a comped balcony cabin. They wanted $1,400 plus, taxes and gratuities. To book a balcony cabin at that time online at Royal Caribbean (not Casino Royale) website was only $1,600. So, essentially, they would provide me a balcony cabin after application of my annual tier benefit, for $200 more than for what RCL was selling that same cabin. $200 versus $1,000 trade-in value. HMMMMMMM! Needless to say, I cancelled that booking and got my tier benefit back.
  6. JessyCruises, happened to us as well. Spent 45 minutes on the phone this morning with a really good CR telephone representative from the Philippines. Hoping her efforts get this resolved. It seems at least once weekly, some CR tech glitches impact our accounts. Ask a rep to look up the points you earned on the missing sailing, and they can send an internal email with a screen grab of that sailings points, which should serve to evidence the level offer you earned on that missing cruise. Be persistent, and good luck.
  7. I know that on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity, they offer Blackjack (1D, and 8D 6:5 $10 min; 8D 3:2 $15 or higher min.), Craps ($5 or $10 min, single odds until $25 min., and 3x/4x/5x odds at $50+ min.), Roulette, 3 Card Poker, UTH, and perhaps Baccarat (ship dependent). As for the cruise lines listed below, do they offer craps, roulette, baccarat? And if so, please identify minimum bets, and for craps, odds. Carnival? MSC? Virgin Voyages? Norwegian? Princess? Holland America?
  8. I realize that most North American based cruise lines (excluding WD) have onboard casinos with blackjack/poker variants, and slot machines. From my prior sailings, I know RCL also has roulette, craps and baccarat (upon request). Do Celebrity Norwegian, Holland America and Princess offer craps table games? If so, on all their ships? If yes, but not all of their ships, which ones do not offer craps games? Finally, minimum/max betting levels, and odds offered by each? Thank you for any information you may be able to share!
  9. dmcfad2 - I fully appreciate those who have openly considered 0Carb, and decided not to pursue it. From an objective standpoint, I completely understand your perspective that it "feels so restrictive". But for me -- the stubborn old son of a gun that I am -- it is actually liberating. I shop in two (2) aisles of the store (meat section and eggs in the dairy section), either put my food in the refrigerator or the freezer, take out a package when I get home from work, put it in the oven for 20-40 minutes, and eat. Rinse, lather, repeat. What's best, is that there is NO food prep the night or week before, no lengthy strolls through multiple aisles of the grocery store or butcher market, minimal cooking preparation before a meal, and within an hour of getting home, eating a couple of pounds of ribeye, roast, ground beef, lamb or salmon, or 6-12 pasture grown eggs. Done, well except for some water throughout the rest of the night. PERHAPS, you might consider 0Carb when on cruise ships. "Special" preparations are very easy for the chefs and cooks, when you simply explain that you want them to cook (multiple orders) of prime rib, lamb, duck, ribeye, etc., without any sauces, only salt and pepper (or butter for those of you that mix meat and dairy).
  10. My DW and I have experienced tremendous success on RCL sailings in the MDR and the Windjammer Buffet tending to our dietary practices. We recently sailed on the Celebrity Edge, and enjoyed similar dining accommodations from the Blu dining room. I have been zero carb (Carnivore) since Oct. 2018, and she has been vegetarian since the late 1980’s. Whenever we board, after dropping off our luggage in our cabin, I head to the MDR, meet with a maitre’ d (sometimes they call over a sous chef) and explain to him/her which animal-based entrees I eat, cooked WITHOUT anything else, NO sauces, oils (not even olive or coconut oils), dairy (except real butter if I cook my own eggs at home, but not onboard), veggies, fruit, grains (think breads, pizza and pasta), nuts or seeds. Just meat!!! Good old prime rib, ribeye steak, lamb, duck, salmon and eggs (no pork or shellfish for personal reasons). The fattier the meat, the better, as my body utilizes fat for fuel/energy. Without fat, I would have to ingest carbohydrates for energy. Protein, by itself, does not provide for adequate energy production for humans. For those of you stumbling upon this post, and who might not fully grasp the fundamentals of human nutritional needs, there are three (3) available main macronutrients from our food options: protein; fats and carbohydrates. The first two are essential to meet human metabolic needs. There are no essential carbohydrates. As for DW’s dietary practices, she simply chooses options from the menu, or ingredients from different menu items repurposed to her liking. We typically can also find an abundance of acceptable options for breakfast, and in the Windjammer Buffet. Anyone else zero/low carb who sail on cruise ships? Favorite cruise lines catering to your dietary practices? Specific ships? Tips for getting wait staff and chefs to honor your dietary practices?
  11. I concur. My sole point was that I had a face-to-face conversation with an executive casino host from Club Royale, who displayed an interest and willingness to explore various methods of making the casino program more customer friendly.
  12. I had a lengthy discussion with an CR Executive Casino Host recently. He agreed that their IT need to provide a hyperlink in the offers webpages to the listing of eligible sailings. He also agreed that cruise certificates earned, should also afford those receiving them to select from lesser tier level cruise category offerings, on a first come, first select basis (but at the ascribed cabin category for those lower tier certificates - seemed quite reasonable). Here’s hoping for a modicum of progress.
  13. Just reached Signature status on RCCL's casino program this past weekend, so I have not had to pay cash transaction fees at casino for a long time (since I became Prime in April 2019). 1. Initially, I was applying for casino credit in advance of each cruise, and was "graciously" afforded a line of credit on each sailing. 2. Then, I discovered that I could get cash from the room at no additional charge being Prime. 3. Later, I discovered that I could charge cash against the room, having a BofA Preferred Rewards credit card, and earn 3% on each transaction, as I designated TRAVEL as my preferred bonus category. 4. Finally, I have charged cash to the room, knowing the AP play of getting 3% on the back end through my credit card. However, that all being said, I cannot bring myself to allow money to be left on my cruise statement, and find myself going to Guest Services on the cruise ships, paying off whatever has been charged to the room. But, I first have to ensure that I win sufficient funds at blackjack to be able to do that. I guess that's not a bad thing. Just not making 3%, but having piece of mind, probably worth a lot more. Paraphrasing the MasterCard "priceless" campaign commercials: Being Prime, and having $0 casino transaction fees; Earning 3% credit card reward fees on every casino room charge; Not having any charges on your cruise statement, priceless. There's some things you [don't want to] charge, and for that, [you get peace of mind)!!!
  14. LgsD, if you are looking for an explanation as to how it works, or how to do it, just ask the ship's casino host for help. It is really very simple once you have seem it, and done it once.
  15. OHCruisinDad, Thank you. Did you sign up for your BofA RCCL Visa (and perhaps MC) credit card in person or online, at a BofA branch office, or onboard a RCCL cruise ship? Any recollection as to when you saw BoFA and/or RCCL during the course of a year offer the best sign up bonus points?
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