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  1. It should be okay in the World Cafe, but I’ve never seen men in sandals in any of the dining rooms.
  2. Luckily, anytime we needed to switch planes it was never in North America. We’ve only done Europe so I couldn’t imagine what arrangements would be if we did a cruise embarking in Asia.
  3. I got the same email for a cruise in November. MVJ has indicated July 22 for a while. We are using Viking Air without Air Plus. Always worked for us as we live close to Newark airport.
  4. Do you have more than one booking in MVJ? If so, did you check the other bookings? Flight preferences must be manually entered for each booking even though most (if not all) of the entries will not change from cruise to cruise.
  5. Checked again this morning and it appears airfare amounts have been restored.
  6. My wife had issues getting decaf black tea on our last VO cruise (11/19). She got it once by asking a bartender, but decided to bring her own from now on.
  7. Less than a week ago, 4 of my 6 booked cruises had airfare listed without having to call. Now some others do and some others don’t. Some have airfare listed for one year but not for other years. Something changed which is why I asked here if anyone knows anything.
  8. I noticed that several cruises - mostly ocean but at least one river (Douro) no longer show air fare on the website. Anyone have any idea what’s going on? There doesn’t seem to be a pattern by itinerary nor season of travel.
  9. Many of us have full confidence that cruising in general (and Viking in particular) will become fully operational at some point. Meanwhile, we have a risk free guarantee and generous terms should a booked cruise not run. I did the opposite of you - paid for cruises over the past year with the knowledge I would get 125% if there were cancellations. That happened several times, so I have 5 fully paid cruises that not only were upgraded, but priced cheaper than they are now. 3 of these in 2022 are fully booked today. Given low interest rates and volatility of the stock market, I feel it’s a bett
  10. I brought a jacket for my first Viking river cruise (2015) as we went with 2 other “experienced” couples and they said bring one for dinner. Never again. Maybe 5% of men were wearing a jacket - and our table stood out with all 3 of us wearing jackets.
  11. Clay - Thanks for sending this. I cannot keep automatic updates on my iPhone as I use a medical app that must certify any updates first. I do have 1.9.2 so there’s no need to manually update it.
  12. Because it works for their operations and cruisers are willing to pay in advance. That’s the why. I have 3 VO cruises booked for 2022. Two are completely sold out and the third is getting there.
  13. Mikey - The Portugal ships have a total of about 50 staterooms . Only 4 are category F (the cheapest) - and all are located as you call it in “steerage”. You got the cheapest rate and took a gamble on getting a free upgrade. You didn’t. I don’t believe how upset you are that your friends just might have had a upgraded cabin when you didn’t. I’ve been cruising Viking ocean and river for a while and usually wind up ahead when I was offered a GTY. On my first ocean cruise, I booked a V2 (cheapest) and less than 2 weeks before embarkation, I received a personal email offering an upgrade to
  14. I don’t know about on board, but I’m pretty sure you can get something off river cruises within 10 days.
  15. This is the Viking board - not Virgin.
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