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  1. Why would Viking be responsible if you decided to go outside for upgraded air, private tours, etc.? Viking is not responsible for the coronavirus situation. If you read on CC how some other cruise lines are compensating for cancelled cruises, you'd find Viking is being very generous. Hey, stuff happens. My cruise to Scandinavia was cancelled last March three days before flying - and a lot of stuff was already packed, I arranged all sorts of stuff (work, taking care of house, etc). Know the feeling - but, hey, I wasn't hurt.
  2. Chirk: See post #41. Has any of your research indicated how other cruise lines compensated affected travelers? My Viking cruise was cancelled 3 days before embarkation a year ago because of the mishap the ship experienced. For this inconvenience, we received 100% reimbursement plus FCC for the cruise fare - we were even Fedex’d checks for OBC we had for this cruise. Absolutely.
  3. Did they use Viking Air? If so, I would think Viking would be responsible. If not, in all due respect, warnings have been posted on Viking’s website for over a week.
  4. I was in 6073 - would take it again in a heartbeat.
  5. Yes, I’m very sincere. You can’t compare flights and hotel rooms to cruises. I asked because I have heard a few horror stories with other cruise lines. When Viking had the mishap in the Norwegian Sea last March, our cruise was cancelled as we were to board that ship in a few days. We received cash reimbursement of all money paid to Viking (in our case, cruise fare, air fare and optional excursions- - had we bought Viking Insurance, we would have gotten that back too). Then we received a full credit for the cruise fare to be used on any Viking cruise - we used it on a previously booked cruise we owed the balance on. Two days later, FedEx was at the door with a check for each my wife and me to reimburse OBC given to us as a perk when we booked. And those on the cruise that experienced the mishap received all of that plus a free cruise on the maiden voyage of the new Viking Venus ship next January. Keep in mind that the cruise was over half over when the mishap occurred. No proration for that either. For your own sake, give Viking some room to work this out. As you admit, they’re dealing with a lot now. Most of us here do believe Viking puts the customer first - give them a chance!
  6. Many of us on the VO board have had situations where Viking went above and beyond when situations arose. Sounds like you might have had a snotty Viking agent, but have you experienced a situation totally not the cruise line's fault that handled the situation better?
  7. Plus the tour guide was fantastic. And you don't have to worry if there are train issues, etc. I learned back in 1974 when I was in London with a tour group don't take anything for granted. I had a few hours before the group would be bused to Heathrow for a flight to Amsterdam, so I took the Underground to get a surprise for my wife. There was an accident in the tunnel, and my wife's second surprise was that we weretoo late for the bus. Luckily, we got a cab that made it to Heathrow in time.
  8. The 4.5 hour was $49pp In November - well worth it. The guide was exceptional! I do not know about the 8.5 hour as we didn’t consider it because it was rated d for demanding. We also did the Viking Ultimate Tuscany which was fantastic.
  9. In November, we did the Viking 4.5 hour tour to Lucca and highly recommend it. Viking also offers a 8.5 hour tour which includes Pisa. Here’s Viking’s description which we found fairly accurate: A Medieval Italian Gem -- Explore Lucca, a small medieval town steeped in history and culture. Sheltered by the remains of the fortress walls, Lucca offers breathtaking scenery in the heart of Tuscany. Begin your tour with a scenic drive. Upon arrival, your escort will lead you to the town center. Here, you will explore on your own the pedestrianized Renaissance wall walkways, palaces and pretty piazzas. Majestically rising to dominate the skyline in the main piazza is the stunning Duomo. Admire the oval-shaped amphitheater, built on foundations of an ancient Roman site and surrounded by some of Lucca’s finest examples of ancient architecture from the 4th century. The magnificent octagonal Baptistery of St. John stands in both the Piazza del Duomo and the Piazza San Giovanni. Wander the quaint streets, browse the shops and admire the picturesque surroundings before you meet up with your Viking Representative to head back to your ship.
  10. I don’t know who told you that. A GTY is just that - guaranteed. I would check with Viking- don’t take my word for it. I had a GTY last year that wound up as an upgrade, and have one for this March. Still waiting for a cabin number, but I have faith it will be an upgrade. I always ask if GTY is available when I book.
  11. Thanks for the responses. I guess I’ll get the email at some point - followed by the questionnaire. I think I have more concerns about the airport and plane than the Viking ship.
  12. Please note the following which appears on the Viking Ocean website under “My Trip”: Coronavirus Update, February 6 We are monitoring the Wuhan coronavirus situation closely and are aware of the travel advisories issued by the U.S. State Department on January 30, 2020, in addition to updates issued by the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. As the safety and security of our guests and crew is always our top priority, we have implemented enhanced health screening procedures for all guests boarding our vessels within the next 90 days. Please note, any guests who have traveled from or through mainland China within 14 days of beginning their trip with Viking, will not be permitted to embark the ship. We are currently evaluating options for alternative ports of call; should itinerary alterations be made, Viking Customer Relations will communicate directly with those impacted guests and their travel agents within the next 7 days. * * * * * A few folks on the river cruise board who will embark in April reported receiving a similar message via email today - only their email added a phrase indicating the review will be done “via a health care questionnaire”. No other info about this questionnaire was given at this time. Did anyone here receive an email about this regarding Ocean cruises that embark in the next 90 days? I didn’t - and I embark in 44 days.
  13. On board perks may not necessarily be exclusively offered by the Viking agent on duty.
  14. the latter is exactly the policy as I heard just last week from my Viking agent.
  15. They would only lose $100 pp if they don’t book another cruise. Just went over this with our Viking agent last week.
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