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  1. Our sailing for March 1 has opened up more cabins, though they are still quite higher than when we booked a year and a half ago. Our boardwalk balcony is showing at least $600 more than we paid for ours.
  2. Enjoying following along, we will be sailing in 19 more days. Super excited and I can't wait. It will be fun following along on your sailing. I too was able to scan my passport and husbands. I did manage to get my photo and my pass says expedited, while I haven't done my husbands photo and his does not have that on it. We will be at the port super early anyway as we are driving down Saturday night. Two of our group our flying, while 4 of us are driving. Will be my daughter and her boyfriends first time on Royal and only her BF's second cruise. Worst part of our trips are leaving all our animals behind, we have lots of cats and one golden retriever. I miss them when we go away on trips. Not used to actually getting an entire bed to just my husband and I.
  3. I have sailed the Breakaway twice, both times in a balcony (once was their mini-suite level), the ship is beautiful as well. I never considered their balconies to be small. Honestly I almost found the dining in the specialty restaurants on NCL I think to be a bit better than we found on the Allure (My closest comparison to the Harmony). I think their main Broadway style show are pretty comparable on both lines. If the drinks packages and specialty dining incentives make the Breakaway quite a bit cheaper, I would probably lean towards the Breakaway. Honestly lately with how Royal jumps daily on their pricing, doesn't really have me wanting to book another cruise with them after our upcoming March sailing.
  4. Sadly you will run into this same policy with any cruise line. If you chose not to purchase trip insurance, cancelling is on you. Every cruise line offers insurance for these type of reasons. I don't think you will find any other line that would just move it either. Some may but often charge a hefty fee to do so as well. Carnival won't even allow just a normal name change if you booked say their early saver fares without quite a large change fee. I am very sorry to hear about your mom. Though honestly I am not even sure some insurance companies cover the reason being related to someone else, unless it is the cancel for any reason type policies.
  5. My husband works Saturday and he is at a job he just started last October, so a little light on vacation time. We will be driving down Saturday evening after he gets off, while 2 of our group are flying out of Richmond, VA Saturday afternoon. Normally my husband and I would prefer to fly. Getting really excited, I think Royal is trying their best to help make sure that we don't potentially have any who could have the virus on the ship. Though honestly I really have no idea how many passengers might even have been booked from China on our sailing.
  6. I am on the same sailing as you I believe, you mentioned you had 22 days before sailing. We are on the March 1 sailing. We have six of us traveling, and only 2 of them are flying, the rest of us are driving. We have no potential of cancelling and are really looking forward to this trip. Really beginning to want to pack, just looking into the weather and deciding what clothes to take. My mother mentioned maybe carrying some little hand sanitizers with us even, which normally we don't do that. Might look into some things to just help wipe down the cabin, which again isn't something I normally worry about.
  7. We sail March 1 on the Harmony, no thought of cancelling on our part.
  8. I don't eat burgers a lot at home, but I do enjoy them. Mostly they are something good and quick to grab. Love Guys Burgers. Honestly can't recall getting a burger anywhere on our Royal cruises other than Johnny Rockets.
  9. Our upcoming sailing on March 1 on the Harmony has been hovering around $61 a day for a bit now, still that price this morning. Haven't gotten the dining package to budge on price either, best price has been like $179 and $199. If I had to purchase at the $61 I would skip it and pay as I go.
  10. We got our Royal Up email last week for our Harmony sailing on March 1. We however have cabins together on the Boardwalk and didn't want to end up with something not together. If it had just been my husband and I, I might have considered the oceanview balconies that were offered. We had I think 3 different ocean view balconies and then also the Junior Suite. The junior suite was $400 PP minimum, which was just too much for us. The lowest minimum bid on the balcony cabins was $150 PP. Maybe sometime in the future I would be able to book another. Really would love to do a suite but they are so out of our range.
  11. We have a sailing on March 1, and we got the emails for the bid just a couple days ago (I feel like it was Jan 31?). We have a boardwalk balcony and our offers were to a junior suite for a minimum of $400PP, and something like a lower end oceanview balcony was $100PP. We are pretty much happy where we are so we didn't submit anything.
  12. My biggest issue is I don't know the names of a lot of drinks that I like and sadly have run across quite a few bartenders on cruises that don't know how to make drinks very well off menu. My drink of choice is a Sidecar - and trust me if the bartender even remotely doesn't know what it is don't even let them try LOL. Royal also does a nice Gentleman's Sidecar, that I still ask them to sugar the rim of. Some other drinks I happen to like are just good ole Margaritas, Lemondrop martini or shooter, I do also like the Washington Apple that is on the menu at the Trellis Bar I believe. We will make good use of our package on our upcoming cruise. I do like to use it to try new things and if I don't like then I move on to something else.
  13. I got bids today for our March 1 sailing on the Harmony. I could only bid on the JS, or several different oceanview balconies. We have the boardwalk balcony next to my daughter and her BF. While I debated on trying the minimum for one of the other balconies, we wouldn't be together anymore so I left it alone. The JS was looking for a minimum of $400 PP, which right now I don't really have that bit of extra to spend.
  14. The cruise planner price isn't the current onboard price. The cruise planner claims the discount is off the current onboard price as well. So if the planner is showing 25% at $61, then the onboard price is roughly 82. So if they poster gets 30% then it would be like 57.40.
  15. I have to say at $61 a day which is the current cost on my March cruise, I probably would not have purchased the package for my husband and I. While I do enjoy the drinks, I would be trying too hard to get my money's worth. While when we purchased at $32 that was a no brainer, as two martini's which I order would have been $30. Upcoming cruise we lucked out on the $18 a day deal, which again we jumped on.
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