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  1. This would be so helpful. Someone on another forum is basically stating that they see a room available and they cannot give me the name of the TA, that's all I need. My whole family is going on this cruise, it's so upsetting that someone sees the information that I need and they can't give it to me 😞
  2. I'm really hoping 😞 thank you for answering and enjoy your cruise!
  3. Because that is a great price the 1,300 and really want to book it if someone has it available somewhere 😞
  4. I do check constantly, thank you. I call 2x a day as well but getting defeated, trying to get on a cruise I'm finding is exhausting
  5. I'm hoping something comes up as well. Just upsetting that our house didn't close sooner to be able to book it when there were tons of things available. If something does come up for you to upgrade I wonder if there is a way to hold the room you are giving up under my name? I know this is a long shot but I would kick myself for not at least asking.
  6. We are willing to pay the high prices, but on any TA I called or any website I go to nothing is available. Wish there was someway to know whose TA's website you are looking at because I would go there right now and book it.
  7. Stinks 😞 I really need help, thought this was a good source to come to
  8. So I'm curious if anyone knows if my husband and I have a chance to get on a sold out cruise. Back story: We have been paying two mortgages for 6 months now and couldn't afford it when our family and friends booked the trip but the week before we finally closed there were a ton of rooms still available and than this past Thursday right after we finally closed I looked to book the trip and it's completely sold out. I've been calling travel agencies, Royal 2x a day in hopes that something opens up. I am so upset that it's not looking hopeful. I'm writing on here to see if anyone has maybe a good travel agent, someone that is good at finding out anything or has rooms blocked out on certain cruises. I'm looking at the Royal Anthem of the Seas ship leaving out of New Jersey port on May 23, 2019 to June 1, 2019 - 9 day cruise. New at this site but really looking for maybe a little guidance a little glimpse of hope that possibly may be left that maybe someone who travels more may know.
  9. Is there anyway you can share your on-line cruise broker? I'm getting very depressed thinking going on a sold out cruise isn't happening and I've been doing so much research and calling anyone I can think of 😞 I tried messaging you but for some reason I'm not allowed to message (new to this site so not sure why)
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