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  1. I just purchased a tour on Kenjai Fords that ends at 5:30. The Seward train departs at 6PM. If I'm one of the last ones on the train, does this mean I get a bad seat if I reserve in Adventure class? Just not sure if I should expect that and should pay the $108 more for the Gold Star as I planned on eating dinner on the train anyway (I don't need 2 alcoholic drinks before boarding a plane as I want to stay hydrated!). Does anyone know what time an operator is actually at the train station to give out the tickets? Maybe if I show up before my tour I could pick a seat on Adventure class?
  2. Thanks. I read this as you would never take a Kenai Fjords cruise hah hah. Decided to book the 9 hour cruise. Major Marines sold out.
  3. I reached out to the 2 bike shops. One is adjacent to the berths and they haven't gotten back to me, and one that is by Totem Brite, but requires taking a bus to get there. Is one area better than the other?
  4. I'm planning on doing a Kenai Fjords (sounds like you and I are both on the Jewel on July 29!) followed by the 6PM train ride to Anchorage before I fly home.
  5. I'm debarking from my NCL cruise in Seward and I'm definitely wanting to take a Fjords cruise to see glaciers and wildlife. I was planning on doing the 9 hour one with Kenai Fjords Tours (Was thinking about Major Marines, but I don't like how they assign you a seat), but I'm thinking maybe it's better doing a shorter one so I have time in Seward? Would I be missing out on Seward if I just get off the cruise ship terminal, go straight on the tour, and then take the 6PM train? In Seward I have no desire to eat or go shopping. Thanks
  6. UPDATE: I book my cruise for 7/29 on 7/21 and this morning I got an offer to bid! I did very low offers since they charge double for me (I'm a party of 1). Bid $200 for oceanview and $330 for balcony. I doubt they will accept either, but I honestly am so curious about what you get when you don't know your room #.
  7. Cruisenext is a program NCL has where you can buy deposits onboard the ship. You essentially are buying 50% off vouchers (think Groupon). They are transferable and good for 4 years. Georgia, it's not for everyone for sure :)
  8. I'm a bit confused. I have many time slots available between 30-60 minutes available from 10AM to 3PM. What happens if I select 10-10:30, but decide to arrive later?
  9. So I researched 2 bike rental shops in town. One is right by the cruise berths, and the other is not far from Totem Bight State Park and right off a bus stop. I'm debating which location has easier trails than to ride on highways (makes me nervous) to hopefully be in or near the woods. Is one location better suited for bike riding? If so, which area in particular is more suited for a leisurely, flat bike ride? Thanks
  10. Not sure what your room preference is (these are all interior) but found these! NCL NB- $802USD includes taxes and fees 8/12 NCL NB $727 " " 8/26 NCL SB $727 8/5 Golden Princess SB $774 (honestly, I would have preferred Princess for myself) 8/31
  11. No it was $727 as a party of 1. NCL tends to drop the solo supplement or at least lower it significantly closer to sailings. I would never cruise if the solo supplement was that high.
  12. Air Canada? Their prices seem to have more a bizarre range than American based airlines. I was surprised.
  13. It kind of is a game for me lol. While I'm by no means rich, I don't need to do things like this. I often like to see what I can get for $. One of my favorite thing to do are food challenges actually. I see youtube videos where people are on a $10 for 5 day challenge I do these fairly frequently and while I may not have the most variety of foods to select from, I don't starve.
  14. I watch too many Youtube hauls! I meant Winner's! TK Maxx is in the UK!
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