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  1. There has been much comparison made of the regulations regarding cancellation and refunds as they apply to the UK traveller compared to other nationalities. If people are interested, the UK trade body ABTA (Association of British travel agents) has released some guidance for companies that trade in the UK market. The package travel and linked travel arrangements regulations 2018 are the rules that apply, and a synopsis of these regulations can be viewed here. As other posters have alluded to, we do pay more for our holidays in the UK as opposed to say the US, but the protections offered are greater. Whether paying more for greater protection is worthwhile is I guess for the consumer to decide!
  2. I also am in the UK and my TA has advised me that the UK T&C's also provide for a full refund if the cruise is cancelled. But also if there is a change in the itinerary as well! However I am hoping against hope that my cruise (Sydney to Singapore) on Serenity goes ahead as planned. I have no intention of attempting to cancel myself! I feel that this situation is unprecedented and Crystal are doing all they can under the circumstances, it's nobody's fault after all.
  3. My thoughts too Keith! Personally I am prepared to take the risk and continue on with the vacation I have been looking forward to for a year! I have faith in the preventative measures that I am sure Crystals staff are taking. I am fortunate in that I do not have any underlying health conditions which could render me more susceptible to the virus and as a solo traveller I don't have the worry of a wife, partner or children to consider. So for me it is a calculated risk I am prepared to take, that being said of course I am, as we all are at the mercy of outside events over which we have no control. I guess it's just a case of wait and see? One slightly better peace of news is that the number of new Chinese cases of the virus do seem to be slowing down. Although how reliable this data is remains to be seen.
  4. Here is a link to the Straits Times report.
  5. Hi Roland, thanks for your considered reply. My TA contacted Crystal yesterday and she says that their current position is that Serenity's itinerary remains unchanged. Precisely for the reasons you set out, however they said that as this is a fast moving and fluid situation where circumstances seem to change on a daily basis. So I have a decision to make, do I just adopt a wait and see attitude and hope that as embarkation day draws nearer a clearer picture emerges, or do I attempt to cancel and re-book? Decisions, decisions! My inclination is to adopt a wait and see attitude as I have been looking forward to this holiday for so long. I am due to fly to Sydney via Singapore (in transit only)on the 28th Feb as I am meeting friends before I board the ship. I just hope that whatever decisions Crystal are forced to make are apparent before I fly half way round the world! 🤞😊 Crystal did assure my TA that if the cruise was cancelled I would be fully refunded, so maybe If that happens I convert my holiday to a tour of Australia instead!
  6. Worrying times for all of us I'm sure as the list of restrictions on cruise ships entering ports connected with the spread of the corono virus accelerates. I am due to board Serenity for the segment Sydney to Singapore on the 3rd March, and I am wondering if this cruise will go ahead as planned? I have received the emails from Crystal regarding what their procedures are at present, but this is a fast developing situation and I feel it is entirely possible that the Australian and Singapore authorities may also take a view that they will not allow cruise ships to dock! If this is the case then I feel we should be informed in good time so as to be able to make alternative arrangements (i.e. cancellation, re-booking or refund) I have contacted my TA today for advice, and she is getting in touch with Crystal to see how the land lies. It will be a shame if the cruise is cancelled as I have been looking forward to this for over a year, but obviously the health and safety of all the passengers and crew must come first, plus of course the populations of all the destinations where the ship will dock. I wonder what will happen to those passengers and crew already on board Serenity if port facilities are denied to the ship?
  7. Hi Nancy, thanks for that helpful reply. Yes hopefully there will be enough interest, Keiths very interesting descriptions and pictures certainly piqued my interest! Andy.
  8. Hi Keith, I have after reading your description signed myself up for the Vintage room Champagne luncheon via PCPC. It has accepted my booking but it says date TBD? Do you think I will know prior to embarkation (via PCPC) what date on my segment the luncheon will be on? I do understand it is dependant on Crystal getting the required number of bookings to hold this event. Thanks for any advice you can offer. Andy.
  9. I look forward to meeting you. 👍😃
  10. I'm most impressed, just the sort of thing I was hoping for! Thank you Keith.
  11. I'm a rather keen golfer, so i wondered if there are any facilities for golf practice on board Serenity?
  12. Thanks for the quick reply, good to know and good advice! 👍
  13. Now that the world cruise is underway, I wonder if somebody on board could kindly let me know if Bombay Sapphire gin is available in the bars and also as an addition to my stateroom fridge? I do seem to remember some time ago somebody posting the drinks menu available in staterooms but i don't seem to be able to find it. Thanks in advance. 👍
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