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  1. Love Matt O! He literally has groupies, people who wear Matt O t-shirts on their cruises, there's a Matt O fan club, etc. People choose cruises based on what ship he's on. He's a lot of fun! I believe Matt is leaving the Royal at the end of November, then off-ship for a few months until he's back on the Caribbean Princess in February.
  2. Hi! We're doing the Ruby next summer out of Seattle. I wanted a roundtrip because I think it's easier flight-wise. Where are you flying from? We're coming from Southern California and the flight to Anchorage would be a lot longer than to Seattle (both in terms of distance and flight time, since there are fewer flights to Anchorage). A roundtrip flight won't matter for you since you're driving afterwards, but depending on where you're coming from, flying to Seattle might be a lot easier and shorter than Anchorage. We also wanted a Glacier Bay cruise, so the options are more limited, like you said. It's been a very long time (20 years?) since I've been on Holland America, but the last cruise I took with them had a much older demographic, so I steer clear of HAL since we have young kids. But maybe it's changed since then?
  3. I like cruising mainly because it reminds me of my childhood. Growing up, we went on a cruise every year, and I just loved it. That's why now, I like an old-school vibe on ships (like Princess), because it reminds me of cruising in the 80s. I love eating in the MDR, dressing up a bit for dinner, the shows, etc. And I love being on the ocean! Another thing I like about cruising is the fact that I can go places I'd like to visit, but would be too nervous or intimidated to travel to on my own. For example, Indonesia or Papua New Guinea. I'd love to see them, but I wouldn't plan a trip there myself. I like the comfort of having a nice big ship take me there. And the efficiency of being able to see more places without having to arrange travel for each one, and being in one place one day and then another the next, without having to do anything other than hang out on a ship..that's so appealing!
  4. I was just wondering if a significant number of cabins become available after the final payment date? I know a lot of people book early, but then have to cancel for whatever reason.
  5. Oh wow...that sounds absolutely amazing!
  6. This is smart! Thanks for the tip. Our flight from CA to Ft Lauderdale will be outrageously high. The Princess rep looked at EZ-Air just to get a ballpark, and the fare would be over $5k, and that would be for an outbound red-eye, which would be a nightmare with a 5yr old. I just can't see us paying that unless it was for the trip of a lifetime.
  7. Thanks for all the replies! I am a bit concerned about the number of sea days, as some of you have mentioned. As far as price, with flights and a hotel in Ft Lauderdale, the Hawaii cruise is going to end up cheaper than the 7 night Caribbean options. Some people suggested doing a B2B Mexico cruise on the Royal, which would be great except we were just on the Royal to Mexico over Spring Break and we really want to do a different itinerary. My husband wants to just forget about all these potential cruises and go to Alaska next summer. So I guess that's an option too!
  8. Thank you all for the replies! The cruise would be mostly during winter break from school. The kids will have to miss the last two days of school before break. I think it's no big deal, but do you think there will still be other kids on the ship? I don't want it to be overrun with kids, but I would want some kids for ours to hang out with. Our last cruise was on the Royal during spring break and there were a million kids. It took like 30 minutes in line just to check them into kids' club! Someone mentioned that the Pacific waters can be choppy? Is it awful? We don't usually get seasick, but I have trouble sleeping if the ride is too bumpy. So overall, would you recommend we take this Hawaii cruise or the Caribbean cruise (on the Sky or Regal during Christmas week)?
  9. My husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes right before our cruise earlier this year. He was worried about his blood sugar with all the eating, desserts, etc. But it turned out his numbers during the cruise were actually much lower than he expected. Apparently, all the walking and sleeping was better for his blood sugar than his usual sleep deprivation/work stress regular life. And for all the eating most of us do on a cruise, the individual portions are actually pretty small. If you get one dessert, as my husband did every night, it's actually not that much. I think it's taking multiple desserts or eating desserts multiple times a day (which is what I do) that gets you.
  10. So I have two Caribbean cruises booked for this December...one on the Sky, and one on the Regal. Obviously, I have to cancel one of them. But because I apparently enjoy making my life more complicated, I've recently decided that I might want to do a December cruise to Hawaii instead, the 15 day out of LA on the Star Princess. I would appreciate any advice from all you Cruise Critic-ers who know everything! The main benefit of doing the Hawaii cruise is that it leaves out of LA and we wouldn't have to fly. We have 2 kids, ages 5 and 11. What do people think of the Star, esp for a long-ish cruise with kids? I read the review on here and it was a little lackluster. Also, the Star is not Medallion-class, so what would the internet be like on the ship? We would probably need internet just to check in with work, family, etc. Help an indecisive girl make the right choice?
  11. We're looking at doing a European cruise over the summer in the next few years with 2 kids, who are now 11 and 5. I'm leaning towards one of the itineraries that goes roundtrip from London (specifically the 7 day Scandinavia, the 12 or 13 day British Isles, and the 14 day Baltic adventure). For any of you that have taken one of these cruises in the summer, what are they like? Lots of kids, mostly older people, or a mix? And are most of the passengers European? Thanks!
  12. Thanks to everyone who weighed in on whether we should take our Caribbean cruise on the Sky Princess in December or Caribbean Princess in July. We decided to go with a cruise in December, mostly because of the heat in July and possibility of bad weather. But now...I'm also considering going on the Regal that same week instead of the Sky. Does anyone have an opinion about that? The Regal is a few hundred dollars cheaper per person (there are 4 of us) and we can get connecting cabins, which is a big plus for us. Our cabins on the Sky are next door, but not connecting. But the Sky will be so new, which is appealing! Any advice or thoughts welcome...thank you!
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