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  1. No, sorry. I was very disappointed to see her that way. Don't know if she is soon to get some attention but I sure hope so.
  2. Pretty sure your little block is lead crystal, so be sure you have it readily available in your carry on because it will look suspicious on X-ray. Take it out as you go through security. PS. Divulge the hack
  3. We were in port with Enchantment whilst on Harmony a week or so ago and I was appalled at her condition. Royal should be ashamed. The exterior was in serious need of paint. Very large rust spots on the upper parts of the ship--not just around the water line. Hope the interior is in better shape. I have never seen a Royal ship look so bad.
  4. Just off Harmony and Christopher from the US is AMgr. You don't even have Harmony listed that I see?
  5. We were on and in the lounge with a glass of grape juice at 10:40. Because the ship was only half full before us, embarkation was super speedy. Absolutely no waiting
  6. Those that may be driving long distances may find themselves in the position that we did two years ago this time of year with Irma: all of Florida was driving north and it was nearly impossible to find gas or lodging. For that reason, we made the decision to cancel.
  7. Hope you have a great trip. Take good care of Harmony; we will be on for 2 wks in Sept.
  8. I second Smiths for Airports. Have used them several times. They are reasonable and dependable.
  9. They did this on Allure in June and even with the entire ship invited the aqua theater was only about one quarter full! I expect to see it discontinued before long.... it was pathetic
  10. Sorry to report that he passed away a few months ago. He had a running yearly blog over in the float away Lounge.
  11. I don't know what happened to tapatalk. I used to use it all the time but it is not functioning well at all for me now!🤬
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