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  1. You can apply the FCC to a cruise that you have already paid for and get the refund on your credit card.
  2. Now & Forever has been on Brilliance FOREVER! It was on in 2006 (possibly even before that but that is the first time we saw it there) and is still running.
  3. They had them in the WJ on Brilliance last week.
  4. Just got off Brilliance last Monday and there were lots of door decorations!
  5. Email notifications of new posts to a particular thread.
  6. I have been receiving duplicate notifications for new posts for several days now. Is it just me?
  7. A bit off topic, but is anyone else receiving duplicate Notifications of new posts? this has been going on for several days for me!
  8. Amit will be leaving for vacation when Brilliance arrives in Tampa on the 18th. Eliana will replace him in the Concierge .ounve.
  9. Currently on brilliance and Paul Smith is hotel director
  10. Stars and Stripes and true North 4 are actual retired Anericas Cup vessels in St. Maarten
  11. Is Simeon a comedian now? He used to introduce the comedians. Hiro is too much like the Harmony aqua show (ninja type) for me. How did you like it?
  12. What was your opinion of the slaw in Hooked? Unless they have changed it since the TA, it was the worst I ever tasted.😝
  13. ~snip~ Here is something new. Symphony crew puts a key card in the slot for your cabin lights. So much for being green. 😱 ~snip~ They had cards in the slot on Harmony in Sept. when we were there. I always take an extra expired card to use in the slot but didn't need it.....
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