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  1. OK Bob! I'll bet you know the answer to this --or know where to find it because I remember a long thread about how to determine the layout of the room on Oasis class. I like to have the sofa by the glass doors because there is better light for reading. I want to know how to determine where the sofa is....I know every other room is the same. I'm looking at 8580. Do you know? Thousands of thanks in advance.
  2. No, Allure does not have a hot tub there....unless they have gotten it in the past three months. The suite lounge area has almost always been pretty empty every time I have used it (on all four ships). Nice.
  3. They already have a "kids" menu. It is pretty good. I have ordered from it myself....😋
  4. Capt. Johnny states on Twitter.... On the bus with 50 excited crew returning back to our #RoyalCaribbean #Harmonyoftheseas Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. The last few we have been to have scheduling conflicts...the M&M was at 10 AM and the top tier event was at 1030....
  6. I think someone is impersonating him on Twitter and he needs to know it.
  7. Didn’t find anything on Twitter. It said he just joined in March 2019 and I don’t think that is correct. No tweets?!
  8. Thanks skibum and suesnake. I did backtrack and did not see that and I wonder if it is me or is this site still not quite right. It seems when I try to go to the last post read, I miss things......
  9. What was the “good outcome” of that last bad hotel visit? I must have missed it if you posted.
  10. Great response cruisegirl1. I hadyn thought about it before, but with any gluck , he should be abel to have a good time.
  11. I remember one at about that time that was quite large.....it was a C&A cruise and also a CC cruise. It was attended by Jack Williams, who was president at that time, and also Ken Rush, who was cruise director. I went back to look and see if that was the one you were referring to. Turns out it was on Mariner, not Freedom.
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