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  1. 44 minutes ago, jagsfan said:

    I was born a Northerner, but raised in the South by a German father and a New York City mother who didn’t learn to cook for a few years after they were married. 

    I had my first grits at age 12 when my mother went with me to a Girl Scout breakfast. Our first sight of grits. My mother served grits every day for a month after that. She thought grits was the most marvelous invention ever. 

    Grits right off the stove with butter and salt and pepper is still a favorite of mine. 

    I never learned to like turnip, mustard, or collard greens. Maybe I’m still a Northerner at heart. 


    one of my favourites is garlic cheese grits.  I’ve been mad at Kraft ever since they discontinued that little tube of garlic cheese!

  2. I tried the recipe from RCI in post #4 and it is NOT the recipe for ranger cookies.  So disappointed.

    The cookies tasted OK but did not look or taste like the ones on the ship (which I strongly suspect are from Sysco).

  3. 26 minutes ago, nelblu said:


    If that is the case, RCL should/must refund deposits and/or any cruise fares that are fully paid without incurring any cancellation fees at it is a change in policy that were in place, when booked. 

      Agree.  They changed the rules after the fact.

  4. 6 hours ago, New Mexico 8 said:

    If we booked before the dr, note was required do you think we will receive our  $900. non refundable deposit back? 

    If the note had been created before we booked we would not have not booked a cruise on RCCL or any ship requiring it.

    I don't see how a FCC will help if they will not let us on the ship.  


    I am wondering the same thing.  They changed the rules in the middle of the game;  had this been in place when I booked, I would NOT have chosen the non-refundable deposit.  And a future cruise certificate is indeed useless if one is unable to secure the doctors certificate!!!!

  5. Just for the record:


    Definition of Chronic disease - MedicineNet
    Chronic disease: A disease that persists for a long time. A chronic disease is one lasting 3 months or more, by the definition of the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics. Chronicdiseases generally cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication, nor do they just disappear. Eighty-eight percent of Americans over 65 years of age have at least one chronichealth condition (as of 1998).

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