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  1. My sister lives in Mexico and is planning to pick me up in Progreso in her car. The last time I was there private vehicles were not permitted to drive on the pier to the ship. I heard that the rules have changed. Does anyone know if she can drive to the the ship, or do I need to take the shuttle to the shore to be picked up?
  2. rgtkkb

    Late Night

    I didn't think there was a roll call but just found it. Thanks!
  3. I guess I am in trouble because my ship arrives at 8 pm and I have a tour the next morning at 8 am. I won't be able to get tip money. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. rgtkkb

    Late Night

    I think I am on your cruise. Leaving this Saturday? I am hoping that a lot of passengers won't bother disembarking on Sunday evening (after a day with the open bar) and it will be fast.
  5. Do you think they are sold out if they are not listed on the pre-booked excursion options?
  6. Thank you so much for going to the trouble to get this very useful information for me!
  7. My cruise docks at 8 pm and leaves at 6am after two nights. I am just trying to make sure I can have the few cocktails!
  8. If that's how it is, it is very wrong. It needs to say UP TO $700 (for example)if it is not $700.
  9. It would have been no problem if it said up to 250 minutes, It didn't. It said 250 minutes. Here it is: FREE AT SEA Applicable Sailings: 3+ Day Cruises Fleetwide Studios & Insides: Pick 1 OfferOceanviews, Balconies & Mini-Suites: Pick 2 OffersConcierge, Suite & Haven: Get up to 5 Free OffersChoose from: 1. Premium Beverage Package2. Specialty Dining Package3. 250-Minute Internet Package4. $50 USD Per Port Shore Excursions5. 3rd & 4th Guest Free (select sailings)
  10. That is the big problem. While it looks like the cruise should be "all inclusive" according to the NCL website, the prepaid gratuities are only $14.50/day. There is another thread about this apparent discrepancy with no resolution.
  11. True, but I did call to verify the time since I thought they must l have made a mistake and meant 8am (which is about the normal time from Miami to Havana).
  12. Thanks. I guess I just looked at the first list of choices and saw the 3+ days. It is definitely my mistake but still very misleading, I think, to state 250 at the top and then in the "fine print" indicate 100. And I did call and found that the excursion is not available.
  13. Since I am complaining, I might as well point out one other item I think is misleading. The ad states: ENJOY MORE OF CUBA WITH TWO DAYS IN HAVANA In fact, the ship arrives at 8 pm. I don't think this would count as a day of enjoyment in Havana based on anyone's definition
  14. I have sailed most other large cruise lines before but not NCL. I like to get information on-line rather than by phone, and I am finding the information available from NCL very misleading or inaccurate. I booked a 5 day cruise on the Sun leaving April 6, and so far I have had three issues: While trying to decide between a sailaway fare or "free at sea" perks, I found numerous places indicating that the free at sea internet perk was 250 minutes on cruises of 3+ days. https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions But after I booked and chose this perk I got 100 minutes rather than the advertised 250 minutes. The main problem so far is that l haven't been able to determine with certainty whether the open bar is included on my cruise. If it isn't then I will have to change to the beverage perk. I cannot find anything in writing relating to my specific cruise having the open bar. The promotional literature does indicate that all 3-5 day Sun cruises have the open bar, but this is the same source that incorrectly promises 250 internet minutes. Neither the ad for my cruise nor the on-line check-in documents mentions the open bar. All I have in writing is the promotional literature that may or may not be current and accurate. Finally, I had chosen the shore excursion perk mainly to use the short debarkation tour of Miami ending at the airport. The description indicated that the tour was not available on the Sky but didn't exclude the Sun. I booked my flight home based on using this excursion, but after booking I found that this excursion is not in fact available for the Sun. I don't understand why this was not mentioned along with the Sky exclusion. This has been a very confusing and unpleasant experience, and I don't understand why NCL can't provide accurate information. I just hope the cruise goes better than the planning process.
  15. Thanks for the prompt response, but are you certain that this language is current? I wonder if anyone has been on the Sun and had their gratuities increased later. I really would like to have something in writing for my cruise. I have found that the Norwegian promotional material can be misleading. For example, numerous web pages show the Free at Sea Internet perk to be 250 minutes, but when I chose it there were only 100 minutes.
  16. I am now even more confused after reading this thread. I thought for sure that my Sun cruise leaving Miami on April 6 to Cuba for 5 nights included the open bar. But it is not in the ad or banner. I can find nowhere in writing that this particular cruise includes the open bar, and my pre-paid gratuities are only $14.50/day (indicating that the open bar is NOT included). I need to know for sure so that I can choose the free at sea beverage package if the open bar is not included. I can call but I want something in writing for this particular cruise.
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