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  1. What particular federal law (US or otherwise) do you feel this Cruise line policy violates?
  2. I was on the Sun last May and the Breakaway last month, both interior rooms. The Sun was actually roomier, at least it felt so.
  3. Youre probably searching Europe rather than Mediterranean.
  4. It is not discriminatory. There are already many instances where seniors are required medical clearance. As an example some excursions (such as scuba diving) requires medical clearance for seniors.
  5. It is sporadic, but with Corona going on, and when it ends, I'd expect more frequently.
  6. In RV financing, when your rates go up a point or so, do your customers from the past week come in demanding you change their loan to current rates or they won't come back to your dealership? If you give in to them, then what about the customers from 2 weeks or a month ago?
  7. This is all the more reason to use a good TA. It is our agencies policy to have all clients complete a separate form formally declining insurance and the implications.
  8. As a TA myself, I'm never too busy to help a customer book a vacation. She'll probably enjoy the break from dealing with the negatives! Happy sailing!
  9. Walleye pollock is a type of cod, sometimes referred to as walleye cod or Alaskan Pollock. Comes from the North Pacific. Not rare.
  10. If your TA isn't keeping an eye on this for you, I'd get a different TA.....
  11. I always ask for extra veggies and they're always accomodating.
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