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  1. can never be too sure. i wouldn't complain if this became the case 😉
  2. even if they did (which I am unsure if they charge for 7 or 8 ) it still only comes out to $368
  3. I thought that, too. But i double checked and it says only "deluxe beverage package" so it is not the one including voom I added the one with voom separately and it comes up as "deluxe beverage package with voom" in the cart. I thought the same thing haha.
  4. those are added at the bottom. the $153.72
  5. This is for my Jan 2021 cruise on Grandeur. How does 46 x 7 = 427? What am i missing?
  6. mine too!! but the drink package for my Jan cruise shot up in price. Was around $46/day, now $61.
  7. we did this sailing in early jan this year (jan 5-16). the first two days and the last two days you can expect to not be able to be outside comfortably. the good news is anthem has two indoor pools and plenty of other things to do instead of hanging by the pool. there are tons of fun options indoors and this ship really is perfect for weather that is less than ideal. sailing to the caribbean during winter from the northeast makes it that much better when you walk outside on the third morning and its beautiful and warm out. the 3 sea days home are really nice to unwind and relax after a few perfect days in the caribbean. this sailing is WONDERFUL and i would do it again in a heartbeat. it is nice to be away for a long 12 days 🙂 have a great time!
  8. thanks so much! looking into your plan b now. 🙂
  9. thanks for your input! this is most likely going to be what we will do so i appreciate your tips! leaving from central connecticut so google maps shows about 4.5 hrs to port. a relative lives less than 20 minutes away from the port so if we don't get a hotel nearby we'll stay there
  10. hello! looking for tips on leaving from baltimore on Grandeur OTS in Jan. we've only ever gone out of bayonne so looking for any advice leaving from baltimore. will be driving in the morning of. i know parking is $15/day so i'm wondering how easy it is to park at the terminal. bayonne is super easy and quick if you get there early. we have the option to park at a relative's house and have them drop us off but i'm unsure what our best option would be. any advice is helpful! 🙂
  11. i am definitely an outlier here (turned 21 in jan, born in '99) and on CC in general but i love cruising I could read these threads all day! my little escape from school. i can't wait for the day i can retire & just cruise, cruise, and cruise! 😉
  12. loving your review!! can't wait to finish reading it all. this itinerary is on my bucket list. i'm in my early 20s, once i finish school (few more years left... hopefully going to medical school!) i can't wait to cruise off-peak outside of the school schedule! this itinerary looks perfect! I've always sailed royal caribbean but have been eyeing some celebrity sailings...this is definitely one of my top choices. thanks for posting such a great review! so looking forward to the rest!! 🙂
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