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  1. We had an excursion picked out (ATVs) for 6 of us but then it sold out. Anyone have any good recommendations for a fun, adventurous excursion for St Kitts? We will be there early Jan 2020 on Anthem.
  2. We did the NS at sea on our first cruise on Anthem. For our upcoming Anthem cruise we are planning on doing it during a port day. While it was super cool to experience while at sea, there wasn't much to see besides the open water. We're hoping it will be better at a port.
  3. if i remember correctly it was 11552.. i can double check this tomorrow!
  4. we were on anthem in Jan and our cabin had the bed near the balcony. i will look for a picture. it was just the traditional balcony room.
  5. No prob!! Haha, it takes some practice to get the hang of. I think its a great idea and would totally take advantage of the service multiple times on my sailing.
  6. Thanks for this! Love how they show it with the lay out. Thanks for attatching
  7. Bummer, I'm really hoping that changes!! Where did you find info about what exactly is added?
  8. Haha, it is a blow dry bar. Essentially a hair salon that only washes and blow dries (some style like adding curls,etc)
  9. I saw recently that Navigator got "To Dry For," a new blow dry bar, added when it was amplified this year. My question is about if there are plans for Oasis to get this added as well when it gets amplified in the fall. If so, I know I'd use the service multiple times during my 7 night sailing on Oasis in Jan. It's such a great idea!! Fingers crossed it will also be added to Oasis. Does anyone know any details or where I would find this info?? I figured I could call RCCL but I don't always have the best luck when calling with questions getting answered.
  10. We were in the same dilemma trying to choose between the same two. The family vote was split 3 for allure 3 for oasis. We ended up flipping a coin and Oasis was the winner. I'm happy with oasis since it will have been recently refurbished and we love labadee! You can't go wrong with either, though!
  11. grand cayman is beautiful!! one of my favorite ports. we did the Segway beach tour in Jan '18, it was so much fun and the beach was great! we would do it again in a heart beat. we did Cozumel that same cruise and my boyfriend and parents did the Sea Trek helmet dive. my anxious self couldn't grasp the whole breathing with a helmet 10 ft underwater so I sat this one out. my parents have done this at other ports and loved it, and while they enjoyed this one, they said it was much better elsewhere. I wouldn't waste the ~$100 pp for this excursion. we're going back to Cozumel on our upcoming cruise Jan 2020 and still haven't decided on an excursion!
  12. Just checked again on my Jan 2020 sailing and it is showing $18! Everytime I try to check out the website crashes. Calling RCCL and seeing if they will honor it.
  13. can someone post a picture of what it looks like in their cruise planner? is it under the "deals" section or just under the regular drink package
  14. Just checked my Jan 2020 Oasis sailing and it's still $51/day. Will keep refreshing and hope it changes!
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