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  1. I know the mixed drinks seem a little weak, but that’s probably because I make mine a lot stronger at home. But it makes sense why they would maybe have 1.25oz liquor instead of 1.5
  2. I’m on that sailing too, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. They normally don’t open up any kind of reservations up until 120-130 days out. Doesn’t the deck plan still show laser tag?
  3. I don’t think all of us are saying that this is the ideal situation, but that from a legal perspective it is the right one. Assuming he also has a criminal defense attorney, this move makes the most sense in keeping him out of jail. And everyone has the right to legal representation, whether or not they are guilty
  4. While I agree with you, taking responsibility for manslaughter, ensuring you are in jail for the rest of your life is a little different than taking responsibility for leaving the refrigerator door open and letting all the food go bad
  5. I’m no lawyer, but I would assume that hiring a civil attorney to sue the cruise line would help his case in a criminal manslaughter/child endangerment case. At least to some members of the jury.
  6. We paid off our Feb. Encore cruise this past weekend! We’re excited to sail on this ship - gonna give it a chance. Hopefully the large observation deck will help offset the amount of pool deck space that was removed
  7. Lol NCL would never do that. We pay more in gratuities per day for our drink packages!
  8. Sometimes I feel that people on here don’t realize that English is usually the crew’s second or even third language. Also, while NCL has fantastic crew members, sometimes what one views as rude (a short curt answer), others view as helpful.
  9. Ok this thread is getting confusing. Did OP really spend 10 grand or more on a cruise line he’s never been on, and then get upset that they didn’t understand what the Haven was? And now people are arguing semantics?
  10. I would assume because he’s saying that comparing racial segregation (that wasn’t even a generation ago - many people who are alive today lived through that) to different perks for passengers who pay different amounts of money to cruise is absurd
  11. “I want Three Cheese Ziti but don’t want to go to the restaurant that serves it, I want the waiter to bring it to another restaurant for me!”
  12. Yes, because trying to appeal to the growing discount-cruise market in the United States is completely the same thing as trying to enter a new market entirely. You’re right, and probably a genius. Why didn’t NCLH hire you to be their CEO?
  13. I don’t think NCL (or really any of the other big lines) are returning to “class” cruising. Sure you get more perks when you spend more money, but that’s how things work everywhere else in life too.
  14. Well....NCL's drink package is almost always part of a "deal". So it ends up being about $20pp/day. Or basically two drinks Also, similarly to Princess, you CAN get a drink package for just one person, you just have to call and give reasoning (pregnant, can't drink for medical reasons, alcoholic, doesn't drink).
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