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  1. Thanks WonderMan3, will check on that.
  2. Thank you dkjretired and jmdl1! The info really helps.
  3. We Will be on the Edge next week. Before our Celebrity Cruise last October, we phoned the BCC in response to a marketing postcard we received. Very confusing call and, honestly, just gave up. On board that cruise, the casino director was a bit scattered, and we only played slots a little. Prefer craps and may play a moderate amount on this next cruise and be rated (or the cruise ship equivalent) Do we need to check in with cashier for a players card prior to table play rated when we get onboard the Edge next week? Thanks for any advice. We are on the Eurodam now, but the craps table has not attracted any players yet on this cruise. Figure that there will be more activity on the Edge.
  4. Thank you for that great info! Nd “Side2Side” is much more descriptive when changing ships. It’s great that we might be able to walk from one terminal to the other.
  5. We will soon do back to back cruises for the first time. We are changing ships, from the Holland America Eurodam to the Celebrity Edge. Any advice or experience someone can share? Our plans so far: --try to get a later disembarkation from the Eurodam --after we pick up our disembarking luggage and clear customs/immigration, try to hail a cab to get to the Edge terminal We assume that we will have to wait for some time at the Celebrity Edge terminal until embarkation opens up. Is there a better way to do this? We are assuming that the terminals are too far apart to walk from one to the other easily (and, of course, traffic will probably be heavy) Thanks, Karen
  6. Thank you. Acceptable speed is good enough for us! Looking forward to our first Eurodam cruise.
  7. I like vacation: Thank you for the screen shots, they really helped. Dave OKC: we will do that. It's always nice to be beneficial to a staff member
  8. crystalspin, thank you for the information. The chart was so helpful, too. With the closeness in price (with the discount), we will really enjoy the premium package. I am going to pre-purchase it.
  9. Thank you! We appreciate the good advice. We look forward to seeing what’s available on board, now. We are less than a month out now!
  10. Thank you both for your very helpful replies. What a great points about wine availability and potential helping wine steward with goals. We will next figure out our internet needs.
  11. We are looking forward to our partial Panama Canal transit on the Eurodam next month. We are looking at purchases the Sommelier multi bottle wine package and an internet package. I've been on the HAL website and could only find a place to purchase the wine package as a gift (and must choose a delivery date) and I could not find where to purchase the Internet package. On one (not HAL) cruise line that we've sailed, there was a cost savings for purchase before boarding. But on another, there were discounts for purchases on board. What has been your experience with HAL? The HAL site also had a field for Promo Code. I have not seen one in our cruise documents, so that may be a special offer thing. We are only 2 star Mariner status, so I understand there will not be a star level Mariner discount for us. Thank you. Karen
  12. Thank you Jim-lain!
  13. Thank you all for your replies. As PSR suspected, we will not need any visas for our upcoming Panama Canal Cruise. I did give HAL feedback that I was concerned about data theft because of the way the email was written, the information the company had, and that we had no direct communication from HAL or PCC. I had only the CIBT's own statement that they are HAL's preferred vendor. I understand the advantage of HAL doing this, but with the insignificant cost of email, etc, it would have been helpful to have had an email, text or note from HAL as introduction. Based on 1Angelcat's post, the HAL representative I spoke to was incorrect when she stated this affiliation began today. In the end, at least I don't have to worry about this being data theft.
  14. PSR, great idea. I got through to an agent who had an idea of what I was asking about. Turns out that it is legit. She told me that Holland America switched to this Visa company effective today. Thank you for your suggestion.
  15. It has been a few years since we have cruised on Holland America, but we have cruised more recently on Celebrity. We have a HAL Panama Canal cruise coming up early next year. Today, I received an email from a visa service that had my HAL booking number and name....so they may be legit and have gotten the information from HAL. I am skeptical about a "click here" link in an email from a company I've never done business with. Is this something that HAL now sends out, or, more accurately I guess...Is it routine for HAL to sell our information to a 3rd party company, particularly this one? Kind of hits me as an identity theft scam since I'm sure they will want lots of info. Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations on your upcoming sailing on EURODAM with Holland America Line. CIBT is Holland America Line's preferred visa provider and we are here to assist you in acquiring the correct travel documents for your trip. In order to determine your travel document requirements for your voyage on EURODAM departing on 02/05/2020, we will need more information from you. It is your responsibility to hold the proper travel documentation in order to avoid disruptions to your trip. In some cases, if you fail to present the required travel documents at cruise check-in, you may be denied boarding. Please click here to verify the details of your trip and determine your travel document requirements. We can then assist you in obtaining any required visas. We look forward to assisting you with your trip. Holland America Line has authorized use of this data. It is the responsibility of the traveler to verify the information. Privacy Policy | Unsubscribe
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