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  1. Reallyitsmema.... no word of anything as of yet!
  2. Our bid is still pending and we board tomorrow! They should certainly know by now how many cabins are/or not available! I think this may be the 1st & last time I play this little game.
  3. We are still pending for our cruise on Anthem tomorrow! Ahhhhhh😱
  4. We purchased 2 phone Voom packages for our phones. My question is if we wanted to watch a Netflix movie how can we? Download from the app onto or iPad or are we able to just watch the movie on our phones without having to download? I am guessing watching movies on the iPhones would require decent cell service- yes.... and that is questionable. I’m gonna make myself crazy before we even board in 5 days! Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Waves2land- I’m hoping you r enjoying Anthem! I am so ready for warmer, sunnier & drier weather! Let me know how things are...
  6. Waves2land-Are you on Anthem on 3/3/19? That's our cruise!
  7. I would just like to know how they determine just who gets the email about bidding and when? Shouldn't everyone get that email at the same time? I've seen where people got the letter back in December...and here I just received my email a week and a half ago. Our cruise was paid off well before it needed to be paid off. We have a nice Balcony Cabin and I am very happy with that. I am just trying to makes some sense out of all of this (if that's even possible) I am assuming there will be no regular upgrades anymore....you have to bid now for whatever your dream cabin is.
  8. We received an email only last week about placing a bid...we did place a bid for a JS and we were told we would here the day before we sail-which is next Sunday 3/3/19. I just do not understand why some people hear months out and were offered to bid months out and here we are get the email 1-1/2 weeks out and told we wont hear until the day prior to sailing.
  9. I am looking to see any of the MDR Menus from a recent 12 day cruise on Anthem. of the Seas-.would anyone happen to have some?
  10. Thank you so much for responding... I just wanted to know if I needed to bring my knitting needles and watercolors! 6 sea days & 1/2 will be chilly!
  11. Curious as to whether or not they had offered any classes-Watercolor,crafts etc ? 6 Sea days...and Ill be broke of I go into the Casino....🤑. We are cruising on March 3....
  12. Another question I have in regards to the 4 restaurants that make up the MDR....Not all 4 are open at dinner is that correct and the ones that are open all work off the same menu(MDR menu)? We were on Quantum right after she came to NJ...it was nothing like what Anthem is appearing to be. Our experience was not the greatest on Quantum-mostly due to RC cutting their staff in half. These restaurants that are part of the MDR on Anthem were actually individual restaurants with their own unique menus on Quantum. Just want to know if all the restaurants in the MDR serve off of the same menu? Thank-You
  13. Can someone that has been on Anthem of the Seas recently tell me what Restaurants are actually on this ship...everywhere I look-its different! Was looking for Silk, American Icon Grill, English Pub....and their menus. .I am trying to figure out the meal situation. I'd appreciate it if anyone can help me. Thanks
  14. Wondering if there any Pharmacies on any of the Islands that you can purchase antibiotics without an Rx-like you can in Mexico?
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