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  1. Yes, we were on the Feb 15th. I've got a room held on Saturday for Rhapsody out of Tampa. I may end up solo on that one. I've got the time off work so.....
  2. Got caught with our pants down here for the 9 night on Quantum out of Singapore. I just landed in Korea making a connection to Singapore and received the cancellation email. 100% refund to the card I purchased it with. Looks like I won't be getting my Grand Suite after all. 😢
  3. I can officially confirm that Interline rates DO get upgraded!
  4. Disregard! They were literally IN THE PROCESS of upgrading us from Obstructed Ocean View Balcony to Grand Suite on Quantum!!! Coming from someone who normally does Interior rooms, this is going to be INSANITY!!!
  5. After resubmitting my offers earlier today, 2 are already showing Expired and one still shows pending which I cannot change now. RoyalUp hates me!
  6. Here is a question for anyone that docked in Dubai and disembarked the next day: Can you get off any time of the day the next morning? Lots of flights to the US leave at 8-9am and we would have to leave around 4am. Will this be allowed since we had been in port since 2pm the previous day?
  7. BIDS DELETED! I just checked the status of our bids for a cruise leaving in 5 days, and they're GONE! It won't let my friend in AT ALL under his last name. It doesn't even think there is a sailing. It lets me in with mine so I reentered the bids. Gotta love that Royal IT!
  8. Correct! Once you get to 49, go see the Casino Host who will put the sticker on your card.
  9. She's been docked for a day or two. Scheduled to go to CocoCay tonight at 9PM.
  10. I'm a 30 year old guy, single, and cruise solo sometimes! It's great! Very much introverted depending on the day and know exactly how you feel. Getting these questions all the time, it's all about not letting it get to you. You'll run into a lot of envious people though!
  11. I was on Jan 5 and while it was slow, we could email and text without any issues.
  12. You HAVE to get out there and FIND them! December - Panama Canal January - 5 night Nassau/Labadee February - Singapore to Hong Kong March - Dubai July - Baltic December - Australia January - Odyssey! There are ways to mix it up! It started for us when we took Rhapsody from Brazil to Barcelona...lots of firsts. Brazil, TA, Canary Islands, etc. Now we're hooked!
  13. It's such a great itinerary! We did it on pre-refurb Navigator a few years ago.
  14. Labadee beats Coco for heat and water temperature in the winter months. I don't think I'd chance Coco in January honestly.
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