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  1. I was on a few weeks ago in Nov. Agreed. However, nothing will be changing until March when it goes to refurb. I'm back on next month. With a hope and a prayer, Mike Whitte will be gone. I was NOT a fan and his time-management scheduling of activities was poor. Previous poster mentioned the crummy CL. Yep...also gone in March. Staterooms. They're switching it upstairs to the DL 😥 and booting the D/D+s to the dungeon of the cigar lounge.
  2. I've gotta go back and see if there's an October 2020 Odyssey in the system now! 🤩🤪
  3. That's what I was curious about too. She didn't have any other information other than unconfirmed itineraries listed in the system.
  4. Unconfirmed onboard Vision with NextCruise just now for April 2021: Odyssey FLL to Rome via Spain Explorer 16nt MIA to Copenhagen via Ireland, Amsterdam, Norway
  5. Agreed. We're on the 5 night from Miami now and shows were so smashed together one night and almost none another. Not the best planning....or personality.
  6. Where could she go for the Summer? Adventure is heading to the Baltic...any ventures on her going back to Galveston or another to Europe? Explorer to San Juan?
  7. Ugh! Not what I was hoping for with itineraries 😭
  8. Majesty is just about to pull into Port Everglades, 905am. Anyone know why she's late?
  9. About 3.5 years ago. Winter/Spring 2016. They had Rhapsody going from Brazil to Chile and back. We took Rhapsody from Brazil to Barcelona as she said goodbye to Brazil. Royal hasn't been back since. Celebrity does some sailings from Buenos Aires around the horn though.
  10. The question then is...Panama Canal or South America? Royal would make a KILLING on a South America trip.
  11. Unfortunately it's the same way. Your card in the machines only shows your slot points. Table points are separate, and you have to keep bugging the host to ask.
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