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  1. Thank you! We will definitely not use a NY cab then!
  2. Thank you for your detailed reply, as always! It will be a Wednesday and a guess mid afternoon. I think, if we don’t get on the Newark flight and if I have time before departure I’ll book carmellimo (am using them to get from ship to jfk when we dock). We will have a fair bit of luggage so don’t want to be using the path etc if we can help it. If I can’t book carmellimo we’ll have to go for the nyc cab I guess. I’ll take a look at the Jfk-Ewr shuttle as well. Just want to have a plan b in place, just in case our plan a (Ewr flight) goes wrong! Many thanks.
  3. Hi We are cruising out of cape Liberty in a couple of weeks and our plan is to fly into Newark and we have a hotel booked there for the night before the cruise the next day. However, as I am airline crew and we are using my travel concessions if the flight on the day is full we may have to fly into jfk instead this will be at short notice. Is there any kind of bus shuttle between the two airports as I have a feeling the cabs at jfk won’t take us to Newark as it’s crossing a state? Have I got that right? Thanks for any info.
  4. Thanks Noreen. Would be nice to get a glass of wine on the diamond plus voucher scheme with dinner as we are planning on dining at 7 in CK most nights.
  5. Hi Thanks so much for your review. We are sailing on Anthem in 3 weeks and haven’t sailed before on that class of ship. I was just wondering do you know if you can use your Diamond drinks vouchers in Coastal Kitchen? Many thanks
  6. Thanks for advice. Still undecided what to do. Happy cruising all!
  7. We are staying at the doubletree Hilton and on their website it says they can help with transportation to the port if you go to the hotels transport desk there. So not sure if I should just do that the day before.
  8. I guess it’s because I thought with Newark being much closer to the port than jfk I was confused as to why the fares were almost identical (well about $10 more from jfk). So if that’s the going rate fare enough. Thanks for answering.
  9. Ok. Thanks. We are from the Uk so wasn’t sure what to expect. We are going in July and have requested a 10am pick up. I’ll get a quote from Dial7 too. Thanks.
  10. Hi knowledgeable ones! We have a cruise booked in July on Anthem and are staying for the night at the Doubletree hotel EWR airport and have been looking at transportation from there to cape Liberty. I have had an on line quote from Carmel and for 3 people with 4 luggage it’s coming out around $86 which is almost identical as the price I am getting for our transfer from cape liberty to jfk airport in our return which is twice the distance. How can that be. Any ideas or does anyone have another car company they can recommend. Many thanks.
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