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  1. I booked 1702 for our jan 2020 sailing. The videos i saw showed the obstruction as not a big deal at all. At most it looks like you see a wall slightly impeding the view on 1 side. I couldn't justify the cost for a couple extra feet of view to get an unobstructed when the obstruction seems so minimal. I'd also much rather be on a balcony enjoying a view of the water than the sports deck. Easy choice for me.
  2. Yeah, i've been really keeping an eye out for the overwater ones. The price point is crazy but i really want it. If i miss the over water I'll probably try for a beach club cabana, still pricey but should be a lot quieter.. and access to the beach club.
  3. I have been watching my planner ever since i booked for jan 2020. I havent seen a single person claim they have booked one yet or that they have even seen one on their planner. Since they are scheduled to open but havent yet, my guess is that they are not available to book at all yet at all. I would keep checking,.
  4. The over water cabanas are set to open up in December? I sail in January, they aren't listed in the cruise planner. Are they already snatched up or are they not available to reserve yet? If the latter when would they start to pop up?
  5. Awesome. Thanks for the answers! Pretty much what i was looking for. While the genie service does sound nice, the people on disney weren't personal servants, they would just go above and beyond to help out. They seems to genuinely want to get to know you and help. I'm sure this will be great! Any tips for first time suite guests?
  6. Boarding Disney had entirely separate area for check in at Port Canaveral and a separate waiting area. After security is this the same? What can i expect? Are any other specific cruisers also allowed to board early? Are there any welcome lunches / drinks / gatherings to expect as part of early boarding? Are the rooms typically ready quicker? Lounge / Deck Appetizers and happy hour drinks are obvious. I heard conflicting information about drinks though. It is just happy hour or are there limited alcoholic drinks from 11-11? Does the suite deck have a pool? How busy are these areas typically? Services So the Disney concierge services were amazing they were extremely personable and helpful. They put only drinks i wanted in my fridge, made some impossible reservations that we missed, coordinated with my wife and daughter to get a special ice cream surprise for my birthday, am i fairly convinced that they actually changed the weather on our Castaway Cay day because it most certainly looked really bad the day prior (i know that's not what happened lol). Has anyone experienced Disney's concierge and RC? How did they compare? How many concierge crew members for Harmony? 2 seems to be what i am seeing. What have been some of your requests and experiences? When will the concierge crew reach out via email? Have you seen any vow renewal ceremonies in the suite areas? How were they handled? What other perks are available? Any other hidden tricks or tips for a first timer RC suite guest?
  7. Hello everyone! So we booked our first cruise with Royal Caribbean on Harmony sailing out of Port Canaveral in Jan of 2020 for our 10 year anniversary. We have only cruised once before with Disney. We really loved the Disney Cruise but the price was insane and the ship seems to lack a lot of activities for adults. They did not lack in service when it came to concierge though...We have grown a taste for concierge services and perks on our vacations so when we booked with RC we had to go with a suite . We decided on the Crown Loft Suite. Looking through the information online it seems the details about concierge are unnecessarily convoluted, probably because it seems like the perks are slightly different on the different ship classification and level of your suite. I am a bit of an over planner, i love to iron things out before a vacation so i can get the most out of them and not be wandering around half the time. The cruise planner that emailed me when i was just looking seemed to not care as much about answering questions after i booked. I have a few questions, if possible please try to relate answers specific to the ship or port I am using. So i get the basics of the perks. Priory boarding with waiting area, access to Suite deck, Suite Lounge, Coastal Kitchen, access to concierge crew / services, complementary pressing for first formal night, etc. A lot of details seem to be missing or have conflicting info. I'll attempt to list them in order of how they would be utilized. Boarding - Disney had entirely separate area for check in at Port Canaveral and a separate waiting area. After security is this the same? What can i expect? Sorry hit post too quick - will be an edit with more questions
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