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  1. Interesting, Got2Cruise. You say you always pay the suggested gratuity. But, you say Uniworld includes the tips. Do they break it out in their pricing so you know what the included tip is?
  2. I am the original poster. I am traveling with Vantage River Cruise from Amsterdam to Basel. I see from sharkster77 that Viking is doing the same thing.
  3. I will shortly be going on a European river cruise. They will be putting 18 Euros per passenger, per day on my account. It is noted that it can be changed at the end of the cruise or modified to cash. On this site I have been reading many articles on tipping on ships. My concern is: is this pool of tips actually going to: cabin stewards, wait staff, cooks, laundry (which I have no problem with) or is it going into the company's coffers and used to pay their salaries? How does one know for certain?
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