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  1. Ok thank you very interesting. Will pack the reins !
  2. Very silly question, but tragic recent events have got me thinking- how high are the safety railings on public decks? Are they solid glass or metal bars (i.e are they climbable ) Will be travelling with a 3 year old! Also, if you have a child in the kids club and they need to contact you if for example the child wants their parents or is Injured- how do they get hold of you? (Assuming phone signal doesn't work) Travelling on Ventura. Thanks !
  3. Thanks both. Glad to hear we can join larger tables as would like to get to know others. Ok won't hold my breath for a cheap upgrade 🤣
  4. So now I have sorted out my cabin palava, I have a lot of questions if anyone could help?! On freedom dining, do we still get to sit with other diners on a large table or will we ways be put on a table for our party size when one is available? On the theme nights, do we find out what the theme is before we set sail or only the day before in the horizon newsletter ? (Want to plan outfits!) And what are some examples of themes you have had on previous cruises? Is it worth asking when on the ship if there are any room upgrades (e.g balcony) - do you get a good offer if there are any still available ? Is there the option to purchase a few photos or do you need to get the full packages ? (Would like a nice group shot of us as a family but not keen on spending £100 on a package) That's all I can think of for now but will no doubt have more!
  5. I certainly don't want more for paying less. I selected the cruise, chose inside cabin, and then select fare. It took me directly to the payment page. I had no option of choosing a room, or even the grade of inside room, so it's the site at fault. After booking it let me select dining preference and beds as twin or queen but no cabin selection. I booked using a mobile, maybe that's why 🤷 Anyway, it's all sorted now, I paid my £20 and chose my room. Iv done some comparisons on a few other sites and I haven't paid over the odds for this cruise, but will of course bear it in mind for any future cruises. I can't vouch for the old website as never used it, but I 100% was not given an option to chose cabin grade or the cabin.
  6. Hello I called p&o and paid £10 pp to be able to select a cabin. She said we were on the guarantee fare as our room grade was nearly full?
  7. Great to hear. It's a year away but already very excited! We were actually going to book a week in bulgaria, but for some reason I woke in the middle of the night and had an urge to look at a cruise! I had looked last year but was surprised that my daughter would be paying the near adult fare (she would have been 2 then) so decided against it. I was therefore surprised to find we are only paying £99 for her on this cruise so we booked it the next evening , hence me now doing the research after booking 🤣 Roll on June 1st 2020!
  8. Phew!!!! Yes we have freedom dining. Ok will change to that preference - can that be changed on the cruise personaliser site?
  9. Update Called and spoke to a lady who said she could chose our cabin. Discovered it was £60 up upgrade to a mid ship inside cabin and she could offer riviera deck, the phone then cut out! I remember reading this deck could be noisy. Called back and second lady said for £10pp could chose our room and there was a room available on c deck, which would be above and below cabins so shouldn't be any noise at such. It's at the back of the ship so will stock up on anti sickness tablets for husband! It's C737 Have I made a good choice based on my available options?! 😬😬😬
  10. I think noise is going to take priority over sea sickness. There's medication for husband but nothing to cancel out the noise of being below the bars etc !
  11. The phones open at 10am. Just did a dummy booking for my cruise and it now lets me select a room- however all the midship ones have sold out which I believe are best. Deck choices available 8,9,10,12,14 Aft, mid forward or forward
  12. Thanks everyone, will call them this morning and see if I can select a cabin or how much extra it is to be able to do so- if they can't help I will look to cancel and rebook with a ta however on first glance the one recommended above was slightly more expensive I guess that leads me onto the most asked question... any suggestions what deck / cabin location I should chose? It's on Ventura- Husband potentially gets sea sick (although I've only got the bay of Biscay in a major storm as proof he suffers with it so he may be fine!) And quiet enough for our 3 year old to sleep Thank you
  13. I have to agree. It lists being able to chose a cabin as a benefit, along with freedom dining etc so wish it was made clearer.
  14. Ok thank you. Does that mean I wouldn't have been able to select the grade of inside room either? - so basically am I stuck with what I am given?!
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