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  1. Thank you guys so much! We have FTTF so our cabin should be ready right away, and we should get our bags earlier than most. Thank you for the link, I knew I'd seen it but couldn't remember where! We are leaving today!! Don't worry, we are mostly packed, just wanted to make sure I didn't need to rearrange anything. 😉
  2. We are sailing Carnival. Thanks for the tips!
  3. Ok, what items need to be in a carry-on? I know any drinks/snacks/meds we bring on (right??), but what else? We are not flying, and I'm getting a little confused with what needs to be in carry-on (or not allowed) on airlines vs cruise. Thank you!!
  4. What time do they normally do the muster drill on Carnival? Sail away at 4pm
  5. Soooo, if I am leaving out of Tampa on Thursday, returning Monday, what are the chances this will affect us? 😯
  6. This may be a really dumb question, but yesterday got me thinking...do cruise lines shoot off fireworks for holidays? The reason I ask is because we just moved, and apparently our entire neighborhood reeeeeeally likes fireworks. Like the loud, shooting, exploding over your head kind. Now, I have nothing against them when I'm at a theme park or something, but being woken up to these things going off on all sides of us, from as close as the next house over, was a bit unnerving. And if it were happening at midnight, I'm pretty sure I'd lose my cool. So I'm trying to convince hubby that this is a perfectly acceptable reason to book a NYE cruise. But if they shoot off fireworks from the boat, that would be way more terrifying to me (though I'm sure IF they do it that it is perfectly safe...). Anyways, just curious...
  7. Ok thanks! I guess we will buy a new one just for the cruise.
  8. Gatorade & Powerade both make powdered drinks (similar to Crystal Light packets). I haven't tried these yet, but Gatorade always helped us when we drank too much. Might be work picking up a few to try them...
  9. Is it true that you can't bring a power strip if it has a surge protector? I have seen this over and over on different packing lists, but was hoping that was outdated information. If that is the case, can someone explain why?? I'm sure there's a good reason, but I don't have a clue what it would be.
  10. Definitely not that. It was our first cruise, and was also not a gift from TA since we booked ourselves via the website. I believe they came in a book of 5.
  11. We are about to embark on our first cruise since Oct 2012. I could've sworn we were able to (and did) buy drink vouchers for alcoholic drinks (rather than the CHEERS package) for our last cruise, but I have searched the site and can't find that option anywhere. I know things change often on the cruise lines though, so I'm wondering if maybe these were continued awhile ago? I looked in the forums here too and couldn't find info about it either.
  12. My sister-in-law wants to take an Alaskan cruise for her 30th birthday in July 2021. Those dates aren't out yet though. Does anyone know when dates get added each year? Thank you!
  13. Would love to see a picture of what worked! We are bringing our 6 year old next month and he sleeps the same way you described! At 6 years old, we'd really rather he not be in bed with us...
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