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  1. My wife always complains that we pack too much of MY stuff. I never say a word but find this very humorous. 🤐 😁
  2. Will pleats ever come back? Much more comfortable than the current trend (speaking of 1000 Island).
  3. Hopefully once vaccination numbers get high enough it will recede. That will take a while worldwide. Vaccinations & testing are key on a cruise IMO. Masks at the pool, on excursions, at dinner etc no thanks.
  4. I have no problem with the CDC mask decision, its time to move on. I'll still take precautions like distancing. Again I don't want to go on a cruise without a vaccine requirement or with a mask requirement. It was a joke, lighten up.
  5. I just think that there isn't a high probability a Seabourn passenger is going to show up with fake Covid vaccination documentation. Could be wrong. I will come clean and say I had fake ID when I was in high school, Nixon was the President at the time though. I guessing SLSD likes Nixon. 😡
  6. We like the concept of some formal (ish) nights, not a tux but suit/sports jacket & tie. We're retired and don't really dress up that much any more. One problem is many of my suits have pleats 😊 and I'm not sure which tie width is in style. 👍 👎 My wife did a major overhaul of my fashion before our last cruise.
  7. Hear, Hear!! The feedback from the early cruises will be very enlightening. Hopefully all good. Currently my vacations for the next 12 months are on land but I'm fairly new to the cruise scene. I wish everyone safe and enjoyable travels.
  8. A vast majority of Seabourn clients (like me & my wife ) are in the high risk group given their age and health conditions. The vaccines are wonderful but there is still a 5-6% chance of getting Covid, if you do its hopefully less serious. Its certainly not 100%. Given the close proximity that people live on a cruise ship I think if someone on board contracts Covid the repercussions are going to be much more serious than than just that person isolated and some testing. In my opinion at a minimum everyone would have to stay in their room until everyone was tested and the ship cleaned
  9. Just from a business prospective I can't see how cruise lines can make any other decision than everyone vaccinated. I mentioned in another thread away from your own personal health risk (which is fairly minimal given the vaccine) if just one or two people get the Covid on board the cruise is quarantined probably for two weeks and a disaster on many levels.
  10. If it makes you feel any better I'm not going to listen to Rand Paul (also a Doctor) about Covid or NYC safety either.
  11. Personally I don't want to go on a cruise that the entire ship isn't vaccinated. We are fully vaccinated and I also don't want to go on a cruise and wear masks. I think we start considering cruising when the smoke clears maybe late 2022/2023. One of the last people I am going to listen to about Covid or NYC safety is Howard Dean.
  12. I think most of the vaccine decisions flow from the parent company and I'm quite sure Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Carnival are now all requiring vaccinations. Thepointsguy is usually pretty reliable and he has a list of cruise vaccination policies.. I haven't checked for accuracy. https://thepointsguy.com/guide/cruise-line-covid-vaccine-policy/
  13. The risk of being on a non vaccinated cruise go far beyond your own health. If just a couple people get COVID the entire ship will be quarantined for probably two weeks. I would imagine people wouldn't be able leave their room. The publicity to the cruise line could also be devastating. Personally I think its some ones right not to get vaccinated, I just don't want to be on a cruise with them.
  14. Yes not very likely. Much better chance than an individual with a fake CDC vaccine card going to a state penitentiary for 10 years tho.
  15. "other than that how was the play Mrs Lincoln" 🙂 I think its also monsoon season in Singapore in January. I think its going to the bottom of the list. thanks
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