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  1. In all I saved £1325 but I am booking for 8 adults and 5 kids. I used a TA to book the cruise and was allowed to buy my excursions and drink packages at the sale prices direct with the RC planner. Also the FCCs were shared at different amounts to each of the 6 cabins. I was surprised that I could transfer excess FCC from one cabin to buy an excursion for another cabiin and therfore was able to fully exhuast all the credits.

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  2. Nothing on the email and everything on the Web is for Cruise FCC. I had to appeal to get the FCC for the packages as I missed the date to opt in to get them. Unlike the Cruise FCC I only had 2 weeks after the cruise was cancelled to claim them. I had re-booked for a new cruise and wrongly assumed that all the FCC would be given automatically. I am booking for 13 so the extra 25% keeps the total deficit down to approx £1000. 

  3. I have FCC specifically for my cancelled drinks packages. As the £ has fallen against the $ I have a deficit to re-purchase for my rebooked cruise. I am trying to find out if they have a termination date so I can wait for the £ value to pick up. 

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