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  1. Love your reviews! And I am so sorry to learn of your health issues.
  2. ummmm...because food is subjective, and so you can't say one person's opinion is invalid just because you don't agree...
  3. Looking forward to more! I really like your style! I typically cruise with family, including 80 year old parents - funt times!
  4. Loving your review! Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed review.
  5. 48 hours on antibiotics before the flight, maybe she will make it?
  6. You're an amazing family, she is very blessed
  7. We were on the Miracle, now I'm thinking maybe we used Messenger instead of iMessage
  8. I bought the cheapest one, and we were able to upload pictures to Facebook, iMessage and WhatsApp. It wasn;t slow either.
  9. what is an infinity balcony? Love your review, thanks!
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